Saturday, February 16, 2008

My take on Clemens public hearing

We all know who is going to lose this battle before even coming into that public hearing. It’s Clemens. Why? In Taiwan, an old saying goes, which side need to provide more evidences, which side is going to lose that trial. Why? The more evidences you have to provide, the more holes other side is going to find out.

No one is a winner in my opinion after this public hearing. Am I disappointed at this whole steroids issue? Yes. As I said earlier regard of this issue, What is the whole point of looking past? They should look forward and find out how to solve this problems which may occur among young athletes.

If Roger Clemens is innocent, there must be too many coincidences which lead to this conclusion or Clemens must have problems how to get along very well with his friends.

Who get the best reaction for this whole Clemens public hearing?
Jeter. Jeter said:”I realize I can’t hit a lot of homeruns long time ago” when he was asked has he ever wanted to use steroids or HGH? Ha! Our great captain. Priceless.

What is the most surprising part for whole Clemens public hearing?
In Australia, I can’t get any news related to this topic on TV at all. I guess baseball is really not popular at all here. Good news is Yankees just signed two Australian players recently. This may increase the population of Yankees fans or baseball fans one day.

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