Thursday, February 7, 2008

Santana is great, but....

Do I the only one feel this way? I know I shouldn't read into too much, but there are four quotes from four different players. You can decide what you feel by yourself after reading them.

Mets' second baseman Castillo said that when he was traded to the Mets on July 30, Santana told him he wanted to come there as well, and Castillo relayed that to Mets general manager Omar Minaya(From Journal News)

"I was a little worried about getting traded because I wanted to stay with my teammates," Cabrera said through an interpreter last night at the Marriott Marquis(From Journal News)

"That's kind of been my goal the whole time, and to finally know that it's somewhat intact, it's a good feeling," the 21-year-old right-hander said Thursday at the Yankees' minor league complex.(From AP)

"I want to stay with them forever,"Wang said.(From AP)

Me? Santana is great, but I rather have Hughes, Melky and Wang.

Updated: Obviously, the readers of my blog don't want to deal these three players to Santana because of different reasons. I am with you guys about this poll. Here is the result.
35% No, Because of Wang
35% No, Because I want to keep all kids
28% No, Because of new philosophy


Todd Drew said...


Old Ranger said...

Hughes, Melky, and Wang trump Santana!
I have often thought Santana told them he wanted to go to NYM. That being said, they had to take what they could get from NYMs. End of story. Looks like a few people agree.
Hope everything went well for New Years. Over 100 people celebrated at the house. To much food (I can't eat, to old), lots of friends and family. Good time had by all. 27/08.

Jessica Lee said...

WoW! What a big party. Did you guys play poker or any kind of card games which is one of traditions for Chinese People during New Year celebration?

For Santana, I think he realizes it's better for him being in the National league for the rest of his career.

New York Met also gives him better chance to get to World Series than Yankees and Red Sox which will be much difficult to do that in American League because there are too many contenders. Not to mention there are many players on New York Mets from Spanish community.

Twins also wants to send Santana out of AL as well.

Good Luck to you and your family.

Old Ranger said...

A lot of poker, and another game(I can't remember the name of) was also going strong. It was fun.