Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I expect from Joe Girardi?

Well, Steal one line from Todd Drew:”Let’s Play ball”. We’re almost there. Spring training is coming. We certainly feel good about our team, right? Why not? Even though we don’t require Johan Santana who is the best pitcher on the planet, who does? Only one team which is the Mets can say that, but every team can say they feel good about their chances at champion in 2008 at this point of season.

I am glad We are able to turn the page on Santana saga and finally foucus on yankees, right? (Well, almost here come steroids saga, Unbelievable distractions keep coming in New York) Hopefully, I don’t have to discuss Johan Santana and steroids anymore, but unfortunately it’s near impossible.

I keep thinking the difference between Joe Torre and Joe Girardi as a Yankee manager. I am not looking for how much improvement we can get from Joe Girardi as a Yankee manager because everyone has their own styles. Without questions, Joe Torre is a good manager. I am just wondering how 2008 Yankees team will look like. Of course, we can see more evidences as the spring training go along. This will be the most interesting part for me in 2008 season. Let’s us wait and see I am right or wrong about this.

This is the quote from A-Rod at May 16th last year after losing to White Sox 3-5 whose winning pitcher is John Danks.

“It seems like every lefty we’ve faced has been extremely aggressive,” said Alex Rodriguez, who was 0 for 8 in the doubleheader to extend his slump to 2 for 25. “I don’t think a lot of lefties have walked us much, and that’s one of the main sources of our offense: walking, being patient and popping a three-run homer or two-run double.”

Don Mattingly also warned Tiger manager Jim Leyland to pay attention on his offense during winter meeting. Mattingly said every one starts thinking if I don’t do it, the next guy will do it when you have too many good hitters in the lineup.

I think the stratgy A-Rod said it works only when we face mediocre pitchers or Red Sox pitchers because we face each other too many times every year. Why it doesn’t work on some conditions in my opinion? We all know one thing in common for good pitchers is they throwing strikes. We can’t just keep looking for walks or waiting something to happen.

This becomes huge problem for Yankees recent years because they keep waiting something to happen or someone to delivery a big hit that may never come, Of course, certain spots in the lineup they need to take pitches in order to get on bases. But, at some point, Yankees need to be able to play small ball, steal more bases, move runners over and come up with much needed situational hitting.

One more thing I expect from Joe Girardi on offense side is moving the lineup around. I am not sure how Joe Girardi deals with playing time with veterans because this may create conflict between veterans and managers. But, It not only puts every one in the proper order in the lineup depend on their conditions at that moment but also adds more competition into the mix. For example, If Posada or Cano hits well, they don’t have to hit at the bottom of order in the lineup. Or, Jeter also can hit leadoff or the middle order in the lineup if other people in the lineup struggle.


1 Pay more attention on defense among the choices he has, not just for late-inning replacement.
2 Use his bench more and give regulars more break during season.
3 Gives more people in the bullpen a chance to prove themselves.
4 Of course, better in-game statics


Old Ranger said...

Right on young lady...
Waite and see how things work out before we judge Joe G. From his playing days, I believe he will be more aggressive then last year. The days of playing like the old Baltimore team are over...Two hits, and a homer.
Joe T. was the right guy at the right time. Now it's Joe G. in charge, different guy, different way about himself, same it all! 27/08
Broke my leg so I have been out of commission for a while(damm, old age)but I am back. You have a great style with your writing, keep it up...spelling be dammed!

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks,old ranger

I am sorry to hear that you broke your leg. Are you ok? Best wish to your for recovery. What does "spelling be dammed" mean?