Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I will be interested in watching this coming season

1 How Phil Hughes deal with pressure or questions from fans on his blog if he doesn’t pitch well? Will he keep blogging continuously throughout the season?
2 How Joba Chamberlain deal with pressure when he faces failures?
3 How Joe Girardi deal with pressure from veterans about playing time or the order of lineup?
4 Will Joe Girardi have a big fight with Hank Steinbrenner?
5 Will Joe Girardi argue with umpires more about unfair events happen on the field than Joe Torre?
6 Will Joe Girardi have problems to deal with media well?
7 Will Melky be more consistent on offense to show everyone he is our center outfielder for the future without doubt?
8 Will Wang get his strike out pitch to shut everyone up?
9 Who will be our 2008 version of Joba who was excellent as a setup man for Mo in 2007?
10 Who will be the first one hit a homerun in the spring training game?
11 What will be the most memorable event happen at the last year of Yankees Stadium? or What kind of event you wish to happen at the last year of Yankees Stadium?
12 Who will win homerun derby in the All Star Game?
13 Will AL All star game win again over NL all star game?
14 What kind of reception Terry Francona will get when he is introduced at Yankees stadium during All Star game?
15 Will we have a yankee pitcher represent Yankees this All Star game? If yes, Who?
16 Who will pitch the best among Hughes, Kennedy, and Joba?
17 What kind of reception Pettitte will get on his first game at the Yankees Stadium? How about on the road?
18 Who will the most surprising rookie this coming season?
19 Who will win first baseman job?
20 Who will win bench jobs except backup catcher Jose Molina?
21 Will we have a 5th outfielder on the bench?and who?
22 Who we will have on the bullpen except Mo, Kyle Farnsworth and Latroy Hawkins?
23 Which job(starter or setup man) Joba will stay longer this season?

What do you guys think?


yanks26 said...

Way to many questions to be answered, but the most important question is who's going to hit the first spring training homerun. That will be hit by someone irrelevant like Jason Lane.

As far as who's going to be this year's Joba, I look for two players: Alan Horne to be converted to a reliever late in the year and Mark Melancon to recover from TJ surgery and rise through multiple levels of the minors. Melancon's stuff is nasty and he has the makeup to close.

Andy, who's a big game pitcher, will not let this mess affect him and will do fine. Wang, who also has good makeup will not let the arbitration loss affect him either. I do not expect his strikeout totals to change, but he will have a strong year.

Jessica Lee said...

Ha! I realize there are too many questions I wrote. Maybe you can come up with new ones as well.

I know there are a lot of experts saying that Yankees are not going to make playoff this year, but let's us wait and see. I am always positive for my team. No matter what happen I always support them. Let's go Yankees!

After a while, I just think Andy won't abandon Yankees and fans. He won't quit and leave us behind.