Saturday, February 9, 2008

Different Culture...

There are a lot of different cultures in the world. There is no clear cut which culture is right and which culture is wrong. Everyone is right from their own perspectives. Don't make a judgement on other people from our standpoint and learn to accept the difference. I know it's easy to say than done, but if everyone can do that better little by little , this world will be more peaceful without wars. Especially, somethings were considered wrong in the past, but they are considered right now.

True story from my side. In Asian countries, students are supposed to be quiet and listen to what teachers teach in the class. After I had studied in the United States for a while, I realized this was considered wrong attitude in American culture. Students are supposed to express their opinion and have interactions with teachers. Teachers even hope students challenge and question them.

I had been heard Pedro Martinez's cockfight story. Don't get me wrong. I love animal as well, but my reaction is this is his culture. They don't think there is anything wrong. Why so many people criticize Pedro for joining this in his country. Maybe they will think this behavior is wrong one day, but this takes time for everyone learning from different cultures and then making adjustment.

As for Wang, Wang is only unsigned Yankees player after Cano's deal became officially yesterday. I understand Yankees concern about the health of Wang, after effect of playoff performance from last year and how long Wang can maintain his success regard for giving him long term contract or not. I said this before. I don't care Yankees give Wang long term contract or not as long as Wang stays healthy and keep pitching which he likes and cares most.

But, If I were Yankees front office, I would not play hardball with Wang to this far. Trust me, I understand how big difference between American culture and Taiwanese culture. I hope Yankees front office and his agent don't put Wang to hearing which he has to hear how bad he is for 0.6 million.

Of course, Wang can choose to tell his agent and then give it up, but Wang won't do this. He won't express his opinion and he will follow his agent's decision. I remember Wang let Yankees renew his contract after 2006 season because of the advice of his agent. During signing, he apologized to Cashman and said he didn't want to do this. This is just part of Taiwanese culture which we respect specialty and older people's advices a lot.

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Todd Drew said...

Interesting post, Jessica. I hope this works out well for Wang. He deserves the same security and respect that Cano received.

Everyone deserves that.