Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yankees better not to get off slow start this season…

Did you guys get a chance to take a look at Yankees schedule for this season? I did, Well, the conclusion is Yankees will be fine if they get off hot start this season. Maybe this is why Joe Girardi give bombers hard workout during spring training. This is the breakdown…

Did you guys notice the highlight of breakdown of Yankees 2008 Schedule? That’s why I say Bombers will be fine if Yankees get off hot start right out of gate.

There are two strange months which are April and July. In April, We have a lot of road games. In contract, We have a lot of home games in July.

In April, We not only have a lot of road games but also have difficult opponents. The highest total games will be played at this month. Opponents includes 17 games vs AL East(5 games vs Boston), 6 games vs AL Center Contenders.

In May, We still have heavy schedule which will be played for 28 games, including 10 games vs AL East, 7 games vs AL Center contenders and 6 games vs AL West Contenders.

After April and May, Yankees will have lighter schedule. One other thing need to be noticed is We have 7 games vs Boston in July.


yanks26 said...

You're right about the beginning of the season being brutal. I think the Yanks will start off hot for several reasons. Last year many of the key players came into camp out of shape and we had the conditioning coordinator experiment that went bad.

This year guys like Damon, Abreu & Giambi (and most of the team)came into camp in shape, knowing that General Girardi would work them hard. Giradi has lived up to the expectations and the team will not take 2 months to get in shape again.

Combine that with our starting pitching being injured and Pavano having to be the opening day starter. (Enough said if Pavano was the opening day pitcher).

Jessica Lee said...

You are right on the money. I just hope Yankees get off hot start and have a injury free season. I am kind of sick of seeing Yankees struggle of beginning of season.