Sunday, February 10, 2008

My take for Wang's situation again...

After reading through some comments at different sites, this is my take. I don't want to talk about this issue again until the result come out. Let's play ball and stop talking about money. For me, Money is not equal to respect. Respect comes from heart, soul and behavior.

Yankees front office probably want to keep their standard because they have too many young players coming. That’s why they insist their number and don’t want to bend for Wang. For them, This is business and is part of process. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t think they go to arbitration hearing because of money or punishing Wang for his poor 2007 ALDS performance.

Wang’s agent Alan Nero probably wants to set new mark for pitcher who is eligible for arbitration for the first time. I remember the old mark which set by Dontrelle Willis in 2006 at 4.35 million for his 22-10,2.63 ERA,236IP record at 2005.

If you guys think Wang doesn’t understand the economics and the process of baseball, you’re wrong about that. He respect specialty and let his agent deal with that for him. If you guys think Wang do this because of money, you are wrong about that too. He already made more money than he need to and made more money than his salary during off-season. He has a lot of opportunities of making more money during off-season, but he chooses to reduce that chances and do more charity stuffs every year.

In our culture, Parents always tell us we have to be humble, expect someone is better than you and listen to other people’s advices because we are not perfect and we get a lot of things to improve.

In our culture, talking is cheap and we don’t express our opinion or defense us a lot. When something goes wrong, we always think about ourselves first and want to find out what’s wrong with us first. We won’t think it may be someone else’s fault or there is maybe nothing wrong with us. Because of that, my American teachers always tell me I should be more confident of myself, I should express my opinion and I should defense myself more. After few years learning process, I am getting better. But, I am still not quite there yet.

Therefore, I can tell you what Wang will feel or think if he go through that arbitration hearing. That’s why If I were Yankees front office and his agent, I would not let Wang hear how bad he is for 0.6 million. Wang is mentally tough guy. He won’t give it up because he doesn’t want to hear what Yankees will say about him. Instead, I think He wants to hear that. He may take what Yankees say about him very serious and may believe how bad he is. He may want to improve himself too much after hearing all of them. He may start wondering and believing Yankees don’t want him at all. This hearing may mess up his mind. Wang told Taiwanese media he spent a lot of time to get over his bad playoff performance. That’s why you don’t want to add something else on top of that or remind him how bad he is during this past playoff.

Let's play ball and look forward to new season. Stop looking back to the past which we can't change it at all.

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