Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hughes will be a good major league pitcher, but not now.

As you guys know, Yankees game was rained out. Luckily, I have a little free time to relax a little bit, so I decided to watch the clinch game Hughes pitched for SWB's playoffs.

When I watch Hughes pitching for six innings, I come up with this conclusion: Hughes will be a good major league pitcher, but not now. I think he need more time to improve the command on all his pitches, especially fast ball. How good he will be? Once Hughes getS the command he needs, I think he will be a good No.3 starting pitcher in the major league. ACE? I don't think so because Hughes don't have Josh Beckett-like fastball.

However, when you watch Hughes pitching, Hughes has a rising fastball usually sit around 90-92, two different kinds of curveball usually sit around 70-75, a slider sits around 85 and a developing changeup sits around 82-85.

I agree with Cashman's decision which is to keep Hughes and not trade him for Santana. Of course, I like to have Santana, but I am with Cashman with the idea that don't trade prospects for someone and pay him tons of money at the same time. I believe Hughes will be a good No.3 starting pitcher, may be even good No.2. The bottom line is he only 22. He just needs some time to refine his pitches.


jimcass said...

I can't wait for next year (I have CC and Sheets thoughts in my future!)...But in all seriousness my wife and I are going next Sunday and sadly its likely the last game ever at Yankee Stadium. Kinda funny how this year has gone and if things end the way they appear we may finish 4th! Yuck! It will be great though to kick the snot out of Baltimore for the final game! We got tickets in the upper tier for less than $200 which wasnt too bad (if anyone else is interested?)
At least Hughes got the call up after the AAA playoffs, it would be a nice way to salvage his season with a couple good appearances heading into the offseason either as a part of Yankees future lure OR in a potential trade! LET'S GO YANKEES!


MJB said...

I think you're right about Hughes being a future #3. Thats a pretty good thing to have come out of your minor leagues. Add in Joba, who should be even better than Hughes, and you have to be happy about the Yankees future rotation.

Jessica Lee said...

I won't trade Hughes for anyone. Think about this, If you weren't going to trade him for Santana, who you would trade him for?

But, it's good to let Hughes have few more games in major to gain more experience. No matter how he pitches , I rather watch any prospects from Yankees farm struggling instead of watching Ponson or Pavano to pitch.