Thursday, September 25, 2008

a little titbit regard of the reaction from Wang about Yankees Stadium

I like most of you guys who read a lot of news about our Yankees and pay attention on what happen to them. Of course, I believe you guys probably read a lot of news related to Yankees stadium this past week. I am not going to repeat it.

The one I have for you guys is the reaction from Wang. You guys probably won't be able to read this on other places. As you guys know, I am a Taiwanese and tons of Taiwanese media pay so much attention on Wang.

*Wang was sad he was not able to play this final game

*There are a lot of memory for Wang at Yankees stadium. He misses every game played at Yankees stadium because he is so happy that he is able to play here with so many great players. On top of that, Wang said there are tons of fans coming and rooting for them every night. the thing he remembers the most is the cheers he got from fans at his major league debut at Yankees stadium.

*The place he will miss the most is the right field because he always plays catch over there

*Wang actually showed a little more emotion when was asked about the thing he will miss the most at this Yankees stadium. Wang said he really misses the time he plays for Joe Torre, Ron Guidry and Larry Bowa.

*Of course, Wang got some dirts from mound at Yankees stadium. But, the thing he really wants to take home as a gift is the scale in the training room. When was asked the reason, he laughed and said because he weighted on that scale all the time and that scale was produced at 1950s. The second choice is his locker.

*Comparing to most teammates who was chatted with all kind of visitors before the final game, Wang actually was doing his rehab until the game started and sit at the dugout the rest of game.

This year certainly is a tough year not only for Wang but also for our Yankees as well. When the season ends, Wang not only has to face his rehab but also the decision of playing for Taiwan at WBC or not.

I know there are tons of discussions, questions, reactions raised in Taiwan already. As a Yankee fan, I hope he says no to Taiwanese team. As a Taiwanese, I hope he says yes. But, when I consider his serious foot injury this season and the weird schedule of WBC, I probably hope he will say no. Only hope he won't get "killed" by Taiwanese or Taiwanese media for this. How do you guys think? I will talk about this more during off-season.

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