Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's over, but don't play blame game.

First of all, I am so happy for Moose for his 19th win. I really hope he can win 20 this season. When I was watching Yankees game yesterday, I can't help myself about keep tracking score of Red Sox-Indians game. I usually don't care much about what happen to Red Sox and only check boxscore. I was hoping Yankees was eliminated because of losing game, not because of Red Sox winning game.

I know there are tons of news about how poor Yankees have been played, how much Yankees should miss Joe Torre, how well Red Sox has played, how many players Red Sox raised from their farm system, how badly Yankees spend their money, how terrible job Brian Cashman does, how dreadful Yankees young players have been played and why Yankees should trade for Santana. Anything else?

But, I am not going to talk about this. As you guys know, this is a blog to talk about positive things. These are all second-guess. No one knows what would happen during any game. No one knows what would happen if Joe Torre was here. No one knows what would happen when you sign any free agent and draft any prospect. No one knows how young players would peform every year. No one knows what Hughes and Kennedy would do the rest of his career. No one knows what would happen if Santana was here. No one knows how Santana would perform the rest of his contract for Mets. No one knows if we really go after Santana, how many potential major league players or superstars we would give up. No one knows if we really go after Santana, he may end up in Boston.

The things I know for sure. We will have a great bullpen next season. Wang, Matsui, Posada, Hughes, Joba and Jeter will be back and healthy for us next season. A-Rod and the rest of position players will not hit worse when runners on base than this season. Joe Giradi will do his job better when he gets his feet wet this year, especially when you consider he well he manages the bullpen. All young players get one more year experience. We will have money to address our problems this off-season. What else?

Let's Go Yankees!

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