Monday, September 29, 2008

Some random thought about 2008 playoff picture

*Before today, I am on the fend of signing C.C Sabathia. When I watch C.C. did for Milwaukee Brewers, I actually think it's worthy to gamble on this guy. Think about this, the guy is going to be free agent this off-season, but he is willing to do whatever he can to help out Milwaukee Brewersand win a championship with them, including making three games in a row with 3 day rest. Hopefully, we are able to get him out of NL or California.

*There are two strange things happening this season. First of all, Mets miss playoff with Santana when Twins may make to playoff without Santana. That's where people can claim starting pitcher is not as important as position player. However, you can argue with this when you think about what C.C did for Milwaukee Brewers. Secondly, Mets lost their playoff spot at the last day of season at Shea stadium to Marlins two years in a row. A playoff without both New York team. This is so unreal.

However, I am rather being a Yankees fan when our team finish our season on a high note than being a Met fan when their team fail the end of season.

*By the way, a lot of fans may not care about this now, but I really hope Yankees can get to 90 wins this season which also mean we not only sweep Red Sox in their ball park but also win the season series. Yankees will have a better record than Mets, Dodgers, Twins and White Sox when have the same record as Milwaukee Brewers.

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