Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does this mean Cashman back next season?

I read this news from Peter's blog,

He(Cashman) said he’s evaluating players both in terms of this season and next. He also said he is not going to Tampa to discuss his own contract situation or necessarily to meet with the Steinbrenners. “This is where I feel I need to be,” he said.

I really can't tell neither whatever Cashman want to return next season nor whatever Yankees front office want him back. As you guys know, I am one of Cashman's supporters. Of course, I know Cashman is not a perfect or great general manager. But, I hope Cashman can stay few more years to keep doing his long-term plan which is young movement.


Matt said...

I think he'd be a fool not to want to return...particularly since he doesn't need to deal with George any more. Will they want him back? That is a good question! But I think they agree with him trying to build the team from within this past year (i.e. Kennedy, Joba, Hughes, Gardner). Injuries really really hurt this team, but I have to agree with the masses on one point: they Yankees are going to make big pushes for big-time players for next year (i.e. CC Sabathia, Texiera, etc). They are going to want to open the New Stadium with a bang!

With the new coach and the injury situation, as well as some seemingly failed experimentation with placing lofty expectations on Hughes and Kennedy, I think Cashman will get a pass from the Steinbrenners and be given one more chance to turn it around.


The home/away splits are very interesting. If they had pitched at least as well at home as they did on the road...or averaged somewhere in the middle...maybe they'd have won enough games to make the playoffs.

Jessica Lee said...

Unfortunately, if unthinkable thing happen, someone has to pay for that.

I know a lot of people feel offense is the reason get them where they are. I still hope Yankees can keep moving toward getting younger this off-season. They should focus on upgrading starting pitching. As for offense, they should get more role players, not super stars this off-season.

The strange thing for splits is the reason. When you take a close look at those numbers, you may wonder lt's just luck involved.

Matt said...

I agree that they should try to get younger. Because of the way the contracts are, they can get rid of both Giambi and Abreu. I definitely think they should let Giambi go, but I'm not so sure about Abreu. I'd rather see them resign him and trade Damon for some good, young pitcher...if they can.

As for the rotation, I certainly do not want to see a repeat of what they did in the past: bring on "aging veterans" (like Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, for example). But other than Joba, I don't have a lot of confidence in the "Big Three". Hughes may still become a good 3rd or 4th starter, but I feel maybe they should try Kennedy in the pen. Hey, somebody has to replace Mariano some day! But after Wang and Joba....then what? What will Pettitte and Mussina have left? I actually love Moose, so I wouldn't mind seeing him come back. Pettitte too, but then they really need either Hughes to step up huge, or get someone like Sabathia.


Hughes in bullpen, available when someone gets hurt

IPK in pen or traded.

I don't know, thats how I'm seeing it right now.

Jessica Lee said...

I think they should try to get both Pettitte and Moose back for one-year deal. If they need more than one-year deal to bring back any one of them, don't do it. If they can bring them back for one-year deal, do it because you never have enough pitching.

Pettitte will accept one-year deal at cheaper price from Yankees because he will want to pitch in the new Yankees stadium and I believe he wants to retire as a Yankees.

It seems to me Moose always performs well in his contract year. I can't tell what Moose want to do. He may want to retire on a good note. Don't forget he is 40 years old, but he certainly has a shoot at 300 wins. Based on this year performance, Moose certainly can get 2 years or more from someone. If I were Yankees, I would offer Moose arbitration. If he accept, good, he comes back for one-year deal at reasonable price. If he denies, we certainly can get draft pick from other team. This also means he wants more than one-year deal. I won't give Moose more than one-year deal. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have him back, but it's not smart to sign him more than one-year deal at this stage of his career. You never know, Moose may be willing to come back Yankees on yearly base.

As for position players, they should definitely let Giambi go. Giambi has problems to stay healthy recent years. If Abreu wants a deal more than 2 years, I won't do it. Abreu certainly can get a deal more than 2 years from someone. I don't mind to keep Damon and Matsui because it seems to me they always play their heart out and play as hard as they can, but I don't mind to exploring trade market for both of them for young position players or young pitchers.

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