Thursday, September 25, 2008

A game all about future

I am not talking about A.J. Burnett. Just Kidding!

I am talking about Phil Hughes and Juan Miranda.

I know tons of people jump on Hughes' terrible year, but I still think it's right thing not to trade him for Santana. I wrote a post earlier regard of Hughes. I stick to my words. I have faith on him.

As for Juan Miranda, he had two good at bat against A.J. Burnett and a good lefty from Blue Jays' bullpen. I really think Yankees have to reconsider if they really think about going after Mark Teixeira for a extremely long term contract at a insane price, especially when you consider how many potential first basemen we are going to have in the near future.

By the way, If we can sign A.J. Burnett and Bobby Abreu at reasonable price for reasonable years, I don't mind. This means 2 years 13 million per year for Abreu and 4 years 11-13 million per year for A.J. Burnett. But, If they ask more than that, I won't do it.

I know Yankees have "some" money to spend this off-season. I still think Yankees should keep doing this young movement. I hope Yankees front office won't spend crazily this off-season and go back to the old way about signing all aging superstars because we miss the playoff this season. I don't mind they spend money, but make sure to be selective.

When you consider how many things went wrong this season and Yankees may still end up with 90 wins that is a record better than a lot of playoff teams, Yankees still have a decent season. I don't agree on some many people say about Yankees' terrible 2008 season.

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