Monday, September 29, 2008

This is our 2008 Yankees's season

2008 Season(2007 Season)
89-73 sits at 3rd of AL-East(94-68 sits at 2rd of AL-East-wildcard)
Home 48-33(Home 52-29)
Road 41-40(Road 42-39)
Record at 1-run game 27-18(18-21)
Runs Scored 789(Runs Scored 968)[-179]
Runs Against 727(Runs Against 777)[-50]
Scored two or fewer runs 50 times(30.8%)(33 times-20.3%)
Scored three or wer runs 70 times(43.2%)(42 times-25.9%)


Todd Drew said...

That's not bad, but we will be better next year.

Jessica Lee said...

I agree with you. Even though so many people say we have a terrible 2008 season even though so many things went wrong, but we still end up with 89 wins which is better than some playoff teams. I think it all depends on how you see things from which angle.