Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did "everyone" leave Yankees stadium already? Curse? luck?

These are splits of 2008 season so far for some Yankees pitchers. Of course, other Yankees pitchers pitch better at home, but these numbers below let me wonder why a lot of Yankees pitchers pitch better on the road this season when some of them pitch better at home in their career.

Chien-Ming Wang

Home ERA 5.96 WHIP 1.41 AVG .241

Away ERA 2.12 WHIP 1.22 AVG .259

Andy Pettitte

Home ERA 5.09 WHIP 1.41 AVG .293

Away ERA 3.67 WHIP 1.36 AVG .277

Mike Mussina

Home ERA 3.45 WHIP 1.19 AVG .267

Away ERA 3.34 WHIP 1.23 AVG .295

Mariano Rivera

Home ERA 2.14 WHIP 0.74 AVG .192

Away ERA 0.64 WHIP 0.64 AVG .144

Joba Chamberlin

Home ERA 2.91 WHIP 1.29 AVG .219

Away ERA 2.32 WHIP 1.22 AVG .244

Edwar Ramirez

Home ERA 3.60 WHIP 1.13 AVG .189

Away ERA 3.15 WHIP 1.05 AVG .208

Jose Veras

Home ERA 3.67 WHIP 1.33 AVG .216

Away ERA 3.32 WHIP 1.29 AVG .244

P.S. By the way, I know Yankees win the game today, but is it possible for fans to ask one more thing? Would you please play a little better than you did today? I was really nervous during the game because I was afraid that we would lose this game after having 9-runs lead at one point.

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