Monday, September 29, 2008

Congrats Moose

I am extremely happy for Moose. That 8th inning makes me extremely nervous. What a year Moose has.

By the way, Mo is the man. I can't believe to watch Yankees one day without Mo.

As for Moose's future, there are two totally different takes during post-game interview depending on which one you believe.

The interview Moose did with WCBS, there is one stance stand out for me

"It's good to get to next season with a baseball score which is 20 next to my name"

The interview Peter posted on his blog,

"I am able to do this last year of my career is good"&"I am satisfied with what I have done in my career if i walk away now"

So, what do you think? Sound 70-30 which lean toward to retire more for me.

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