Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keep my faith

I have been busy these few days. That's why I miss some games. Even though I have been busy, I know Yankees lost two games in a row.

True story. Yesterday I was at class from 8:30am to 5pm when Yankees almost got threw at no-hitter. Before lunch break, I was wondering and hoping Yankees are able to bound back and score some runs against Mariners. I don't treat Mariners as a roll over team because of their bad record. Baseball is playing on the field, not on paper. On any given day, any team can beat the other team and can get beat by any team.

Even though I only have one-hour lunch break, I still find a way to surf Internet which is not easy and not cheap thing to do in Australia. At that moment, Yankees was trailing 3 runs at 4th inning and Andy was battling with more troubles. I also noticed Yankees had not gotten a hit. By the way, Is it Andy hurt? It seems to me Andy pitches through pain since All-Star break. If this is the case, I think Andy will retire this off-season.

OK! Go back to my story. I only have few minutes for this during my lunch break. In the afternoon, I kept thinking Yankees will fight back as long as Andy keep Yankees in the game. Finally, I finished at 5pm. I need to go to supermarket to pick up some food. When I was on my way to supermarket, I saw a guy wearing a Red Sox hat walking in front of me and toward to opposition direction.(P.S. I don't know him). I almost stop him to ask him Yankees' final score. I didn't do it because I don't want to get into an argument about Yankees are dead or not.

Of course, I know Yankees face difficult situation, but I will keep my faith until it's over. You never know. For me as a fan, the bottom line is to enjoy watching game and process. I am not one of fans takes playoff berth for granted.


Todd Drew said...

Good job, Jessica. Always keep the faith and never talk to Red Sox people.

Jessica Lee said...

Why you recommend me not to talk to Red Sox fan? Sometimes, I wonder it must be a little be interesting to find out what they think from their point of view.

It's hard to stay positively every time. Fortunately, I always think thing from positive angle.