Friday, September 26, 2008

Wang won't participate WBC

I guess I need to think one more topic to talk about this off-season. I said I will talk about the possibility for Wang to participate WBC at preview post. Taiwanese reporters work extremely fast on this topic and already found the right man to answer this matter. However, I don't think I will lack topics to talk about New York Yankees this off-season.

One Taiwanese reporter found Brian Cashman to answer this question. Cashman basically said Yankees always allow their players to particiapate WBC. However, Yankees won't allow players who injured during season to take part in WBC. Yankees don't allow not only Wang but also Hideki Matsui to go. Cashman said Wang need to focus on his rehab this off-season.

The interesting thing for this whole thing for me is not only Taiwanese reporters interested in this topic but also Japanese reporters. Why? Japanese start worrying that Wang will be able to participate will impact their chance in WBC.

When Wang was told by Taiwanese reporter about the comment from Brian Cashman, Wang said,"I feel a little disappinted because I really want to wear Taiwanese uniform and help my Taiwanese team, so I need to wait another chance for this. However, I always respect and listen to Yankees' decision."

That's why Taiwanese love Chien-Ming Wang. Of course, we support every Taiwanese player, but no Taiwanese at any sport or any field has ever been treated like this. We have pretty successful Taiwanese at a lot of area. Wang is the first one to be treated like this. This is not for his success at New York Yankees.

This is for his personality which present characteristics of Taiwanese so well. He always works hard quietly and doesn't want to be the center of focus. He treats everyone like he is just a normal person. Even now, he is like that. The most important thing is he is not thinking about himself. He is thinking about helping team to win ball game all the time. Even though he injured his foot in June, he still doesn't think about himself. Wang said he would like to participate if Yankees allow him to go all the way.

For me? As a Taiwanese Yankees fan, I actually breathe a sigh of relief. This season proves Yankees really need a healthy Wang the whole 2009 season. Wang also has a long way to go for his rehab during off-season. The way WBC put together their schedule. I won't agree any pitcher to participate. On top of that, any internatinal tournament for me should be the stage for young players to get more experience. Of course, I don't mind to win few international tournament along the way. However, for now, Taiwanese baseball need to focus on improving their professional league, not to think to make it better by winning international tournament.

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