Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"l like fight"? Me too

I don't know what I can write about. I still watch or listen to Yankees games. It seems to me I have more interests on these games than players on the team. I don't like to think this way. Be honest with you guys, I have this feeling tonight.

The last 4 games, Yankees scored 1 run, 7 runs, 2 runs, 1 run. In fact, they score 2 runs or less in 40 games so far this season.

I know everyone will talk about the fight between Pudge and Hunter. I am not saying I don't feel Yankees fight as hard as they can because poor offense.

The one I care is Hunter stole third when Angels lead 6-1. Why Yankees don't show this kind of fight for me?

I know Brain Cashman has his meeting with Yankees players before the game. After the game, Girardi makes a interesting or meaningful comment.

He basically said, "I like fight. I don't mind my players showing their emotion on the field and showing they care about this game" when he was asked about the fight between Pudge and Hunter.

Does Girardi imply what he feel about the performance from his team in this game, even this seson? What do you think?

In fact, I don't remember exactly this happen in which inning. Abreu walked and A-Rod hit into another double play before Giambi hit a double. Think about that, If A-Rod just strike out, Yankees would be 2nd and 3rd with one out when Giambi hit that double.

This just shows Yankees' 2008 season. Everything goes wrong.