Monday, September 8, 2008

Ultimate guide to help you stay positively

Is it just me to feel this way? It seems to me Yankees lose game every day, but it's not the story when you check their record because they still 9 games over .500. I am the same with you guys watching this Yankees team closely as much as I can. That's why it's so hard for every one to stay positively, isn't it?

For example, In today game, How in the world A-Rod get picked off in the first base with 2 outs when Jeter is on second base and Giambi is batting? Why nobody can hit a fly ball when there is a runner on third base with less than 2 outs?

You probably say there is no way that there is still Yankees fan can stay positively. Wrong. I still keep my faith and stay positively with our bombers. How? That's what I think. You almost can't believe how bad they have been played this season. Everything can go wrong has been gone wrong. However, Taiwanese people believe the way to make people better is when people make all kind of mistakes. This will give people opportunities to realize they are not good enough and what else they need to improve on. After bad things happen, Taiwanese always make a self-examination first and find something to improve.

For example, After ALDS last season, the first thing Wang said was not how tired his arm was. Wang said his slider and change-up had to get better next season. It surely did, didn't it?

If this season is the year Yankees won't make the playoffs, is it better to let all bad things happen at the same time and figure out how to improve this off-season, isn't it?

Let's Go Yankees!

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