Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So many strange things happen this season

I am not giving up Yankees. I won't give up Yankees until the number tells me they are eliminated. But, Man, there are some many strange things happening this season.

First of all, two players(Damon and Posada) go on DL when they had not been on DL their entire career until this season.

Secondly, the whole team suddenly forget how to hit when there are men on base.

Thirdly, two young pitchers(Hughes and Kennedy) get 0 win on their record this season even though they did pitch some good games.

Fourthly, Rays and Red Sox seem to win every one-run game and get big hits they need from everyone at any time at their wish.

Fifthly, Yankees seems to get to face more good pitchers than other teams. For example, we face A.J. Burnett and Roy Halladay 9 times this season.

Sixthly, Andy Pettitte has not pitches at the second half of season as well as he has been in the past.

Seventhly, Wang as a pitcher gets injured on base path. On top of that, he and Burney get an injury that don't happen to baseball players too often.

What else I miss?

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