Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yankees certainly make noise

A-Rod just can't avoid any controversy. It's so fitting for A-Rod and Yankees involved in first instant replay call. Anyway, I am glad to give Mo another day off. At this stage of Mo's career, We can't use him too often. I want to watch Mo pitching for many years to come.

I am impressed by Coke who has two great outing in a row. It will be huge if we can have two lefty in our bullpen. He certainly gets a good fastball which range around 92-94. It seems to me Girardi really know how to manage bullpen that you can't say that for a lot of managers in the big league.

Our bombers certainly have a disappointing season so far, but you never know what will happen next. Maybe we will have a magic comeback. At least, they play as hard as they can to make some noise and give our fans something to cheer for. One thing I know for sure, we certainly build a strong bullpen. Not to mention we have more arms down the farm system.

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