Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Unfinished Business

I am happy to hear Brian Cashman is back for three more years. Of course, he is not perfect. No one is. People make mistakes. Of course, At some points, people have to pay for their mistakes. However, let us wait and see how his plan turn out. It's not the time to judge his plan yet. He deserves the chances to stay and see how his plan turn out. I also agree with his plan which make Yankees younger and I know it will takes a while to make it work.

On top of that, It's not smart to change General Manager at the second year of Joe Girardi's contract. It's also not smart to get a new General Manager to restart the process that he has to get to know how to work with Hank and Hal. Yankees already spent one year on letting Joe Girarid get his feet wet and letting Cashman understand how to work with Hank and Hal. Yankees also already spent the last few years to move toward the direction which is getting younger and restock the farm system. Can't and shouldn't change the plan now.

As General Managers, it's always easy to spend money on signing free agents in order to save their jobs especially when their jobs are on the line. However, it's much more difficult to choose opposite direction under the pressure. I always like to use election for president as an example. During election, it's much easier for parties to throw all government budget and make all promises to satisfy people's short term wish lists because those actions get votes. When one party chooses to do something is good for a country for long haul, most of time that party end up with loosing next election to opposite party. In the end, the other party end up with enjoying the success preview party left behind.

This is an interesting off-season for Yankees. If Hank and Hal don't interfere and let Cashman and his baseball people make their decisions, we will be fine. Even though it seems he always doesn't say too much or show too many interests in front of media which is the personality I like, I believe Cashman won't be afraid of signing some free agents, making some trades and executing a good game plan. We will have a lot of changes this off-season and have a great Yankees team to watch at New Yankees stadium in 2009 season.


MJB said...

I agree. I like Cashman, but even if I didn't, it wouldn't be a good move to get rid of him now. That would be too much disruption at this point and make it harder to turn around for next year.

There are several things that should be done for next year, and many things that could be I wish the World Series would just be over so we can get to the important thing: the 2009 Yankees.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear mjb,
It's so true. I just don't have any interest on watching a October playoffs without Yankees. I am with you. I just can't wait playoff to end soon enough in order to get to off-season and discuss all things regard of Yankees.

However, I hate to watch Red Sox winning. Why Angels always win against us when they always lose to Red Sox? I sometimes can't understand why so many teams win against us but lose to Red Sox.