Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congrats, Phillies

Phillies are well deserved to their N.L. Championship Title. I feel happy for them not because of Torre. I like this team.

Now, it's time for Rays to take care their business. Take care of Dice-K and Red Sox. I hate people that keep saying Red Sox will come back because they did that all the time and what a greedy, gutty team Red Sox is. I know they come back against us in 04' and against Indians in 07'. Don't forget people are used to say that to Yankees. I actually think Scott Kazmir will come out and pitch well.

It will be a great world series between Phillies and Rays. However, it's time for a national team to win it all.

Let's Go Phillies and Rays! Of course, it's just for this moment. I will come back to root for our Yankees once playoff ends.

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