Wednesday, October 1, 2008

20 wins vs 19 wins = Great vs Almost Great

Moose told Wang in one conversation the difference between getting 20 wins and getting 19 wins, "If a pitcher can't get 20 wins, it means nothing eve though he gets 19 wins". Gator also told Wang how he was so disappointed Wang can't get to 20 wins two years in a row when Wang got his 19 wins in 2007 because he knew how people will think about Wang later on. For Wang, he still can't understand, he feels getting 19 wins is not bad at all even without getting 20 wins.

Congrats, Moose. You did it. I am really happy for you even though I am one of people don't understand the difference between 19 wins and 20 wins.

Wang told to Taiwanese media about the future of Moose. Wang said he asked Moose to come back and pitch with him next year during the course of whole year many times, but Moose's answer is "No" every time.

Wang followed team to Boston at the end of season. He said congrats to Moose when he got his 20 wins and said to him,"Moose, how about pitching two more years?". This time, Wang got a big smile from Moose who didn't say "Yes"or "No".

I hope Moose will come back, but won't surprise if he decides to retire. From Yankees' standpoint, it will be nice to get Moose back in one year deal. However, I think Moose will definitely be willing to come back if Yankees offer him three year deal which will let him get to 300 career wins without changing team.

That being said, Yankees need to get younger. If I were Yankees, I would not bring Moose back for more than one year deal. Don't forget Moose is 39 years 0ld pitcher which is very difficult to stay healthy the whole year. On top of that, the velocity of Moose's fastball slow down. If he doesn't have the same command like he had this season, he will be in trouble.

I know Pettitte has a unusual second half this season resulted from a tired shoulder. However, Pettitte number would not be this bad if Yankees had a normal run support. During second half of season, even though Pettitte had a tire arm, he still throws over 200 inning with mid 4 ERA and 90s fastball velocity. On top of that, Pettitte will be willing to take a one year deal with a much lower price. We not only can bring back a proven 200 innings pitcher but also save some money on other area we need.

However, it will be nice to have both back for one year deal.


Todd Drew said...

The difference between 19 wins and 20 wins is usually a little extra luck. Wang’s two 19-win seasons are very impressive. I think he will win 20 and a Cy Young Award(s) before he’s through, but he should be proud of what he’s accomplished so far.

Jessica Lee said...

I am with your about luck as well. However, this is probably something people can't understand if you were not a big league pitcher.

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