Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can this world series end as soon as possible?

Even though I am very happy to see Phillies on the verge to win a champion, would Rays please put on better show to present AL? When your middle of lineup can't buy a hit, when your manager make all kind of mistakes and when your players can't make plays on the field, I hope this world series end as soon as possible.

By the way, I am listening to the game 5 of world series as I am writing this post. Pena just got threw out at first base when he tried to bunt. What are you thinking, Pena. You are a cleanup hitter. Oh, Crawford just didn't run hard out of box and got beat half step at first base when Rollins didn't field ball clearly. Upton also didn't run hard to first base once during this playoffs.

From pitching standpoint, Kazmir also crys like a baby every time he doesn't get the call he wants when Shields is the only pitcher pitch well but not outstanding. Not to mention their sudden amazing bullpen in regular season but not to well in playoffs. Don't tell me this team will threat Yankees and Red Sox for many years to come, especially when you consider how many innings those young pitchers put on this season.

Of course, as a yankees fan, the sooner this world series end, the sooner we can start talking about our beloved yankees. A playoff without our bombers certainly loose part of my attention. Of course, many off-days between games, not so good Fox broadcasting, long commercial breaks and so many bad calls by umpires also play a big role on my interest as well.

Updated 9:47pm: Kazmir just loaded the base again in just 4th inning. No matter how good Kazmir will be, he won't be an ACE because he always uses all his pitches in 6 innings. Basically, he is a 6 inning pitcher. A pitcher can't save bullpen for his team can't be called an ACE or elite pitcher in my opinion.

Updated 9:56pm: Rollins just dropped a infield pop-up according to radio broadcasting. However, Utley just made a great play to make up for him. Who is going to be MVP of world series for Phillies if Phillies win? At this point, I will say Cole Hamels.

Updated 10:11pm: Kazmir walked two more guys in the 5th inning.

The game was suspended. I don't know how much worse this world series can get. On top of that, MLB is not sure when they are able to get this game in. I don't think so many people will wait around and keep checking for timetable except Phillies and Rays fans. Of course, I don't want MLB to call a game and a victory for Phillies. However, why not suspend game sooner when field is on obvious bad condition? If I were a Phillies fan, it's not fair to play that half inning, score get tied and keep that half inning.

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