Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wang threw off a half-mound this Monday

I just saw this good news on Taiwanese media. Wang threw off a half-mound on Monday in Tampa for 20 pitches. Wang didn't put into the full effort because Wang can't put too much pressure on his right foot too quickly.

Billy Connors keep his eyes on Wang during the whole process. The whole rehab process takes more than 4 hours to complete. Billy Connors has built up very good relationship with Wang. Last season, Billy Connors said he was going to miss Wang after rehab of his hamstring. However, he didn't want to see him in Tampa very soon. Unfortunately for Yankees, it happened.

Wang will go back to Taiwan once he can throw off the mound. Wang said earlier he plans to stay in Taiwan for short period of time and go back U.S earlier for spring training.

By the way, I saw a news regard of the increasing possibility of returns of Pettitte and Moose. This will be a good news because you never have enough pitching.

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