Friday, October 31, 2008

Congrats, Phillies win 2008 world championship

I was not able to watch this game live. When I know Phillies win it, I feel happy for them. I can't image how I will react when Yankees win again. The most amazing thing is I actually saw this news on Australian sport news which rarely have any baseball news. The last time I saw a baseball news is when Damon hurt himself for that strangle fly ball against Red Sox.

When I pick up this game, I can't believe how many mistakes Jon Maddon made that I am not going to go through details. Not to mention Rays' third base coach sent Jason Bartlett home and got threw out when their big bat is on desk. Are you kidding me? When I saw replay, Jason Bartlett didn't even run hard toward third base. And you sent him home? oh, by the way, Jason Bartlett didn't run hard on a possible elimination game in world series as well. Just in case, you guys don't pay attention on this playoffs. He is not the first Rays to do so.

Of course, Rays have a lot of talent on their young team and they have an amazing season. I am pretty sure they are going to make a lot of noise in this AL East. However, Don't tell me they are going to beat Red Sox and Yankees with this kind of attitude and coach staff. Not to mention would Rays young players be able to make adjustments once every MLB team have a book on them?

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