Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep Marte

According to NY Post, Yankees are not planing to pick up Marte's 6 million option. Of course, Yankees should know more inside information than we did. This just likes when Yankees decided to trade Proctor to Dodgers for Betemit. When Betemit has not been good for Yankees, Proctor ended up with hurting and on the DL. If Marte was hurting at the end of season more than what Yankees told us, this definitely plays a big role on not picking up his option.

I know Phil Coke was impressive at the end of season and Yankees have a lot of options for bullpen in their farm system. However, I think Yankees should and will keep Marte. Except Closer, middle reliever pitchers seems to perform differently every year. It not only will be good to have two lefty in the bullpen and one of them are an experienced verteran, especially when you consider how many troubles Yankees have to find a good lefty in the bullpen for many years but also have options as many as possible in the bullpen.

If Marte is healthy, I don't think Yankees will let Marte walk away because of money. Think about this. Marte is the main guy in the Nady/Marte trade. Cashman wants Marte and a good lefty badly and Pirates came back for a bigger deal which ended up with Nady in the deal. I don't think Cashman will trade away young talents in the farm system for two month rental.

If Yankees end up with declining Marte's 6 million option and he is healthy, I am pretty sure Yankees have settled a 2-3 year deal at cheaper annual rate with Marte. I don't think they will risk to lose him by letting him test free agency market. If I were Marte, I would be happier to get a 2-3 year deal than getting his option picked up. If I were Yankees front office, it would be better off signing Marte at 2-year deal at cheaper annual rate. Let us wait and see. Don't rush to make a judgment and overreact. It may be just a wrong information from Post and King.

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