Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is another trade coming before winter meeting?

There are so few news happening recently. I am wondering is it possible there is another trade coming for Yankees before winter meeting? If CC doesn't sign before Thanksgiving or winter meeting, I don't see other major free agents to be signed ahead of CC. It may be much better or smarter for Yankees to get some of their needs by trade first, such as center fielder which is a weak link in free agents market this off-season.

I always the one make decisions quickly after considering all information on hand. I sometimes don't understand the reasons to drag out the process for long period of time. I am from Taiwan where people like to stay in their hometowns. That's why I can understand why CC wants to stay in California. However, when you look at 3 teams in California, there is only one team which is LA Dodgers has interests to put on comparable offer because they obviously need starting pitchers when Giants and Angels need offense, not pitching. On top of that, Dodgers need Manny to draw more people to ballpark when they don't like to give out big contract at the same time.

I am not going to go through all reasons why three teams in California are not likely bidding for CC. I just want to mention one thing. I believe most of you guys have experience of looking for schools or jobs. We all have our dream jobs or schools in our mind to begin the process and may be willing to take less salary or sacrifice somethings to get that dream jobs or schools. There are two other big factors we won't ignore as well. Firstly, of course, higher salary offers you and your family better security, especially for someone has family. Secondly, knowing companies really want to have you also play a big role on decisions. When CC really wants to play at home, why he insists on playing for teams in California haven't showed that they want him so far?


Rad said...

I think Melky is ok for Center Field, Damon moves to left and Austin Jackson (unless Abreu comes back) in right.

I don't know if we can make any trades at the moment, they seem to be really focused on CC. For some reason, I see him going to the Dodgers, and we better be careful that the Red Sox don't take Texiera out from under us.
Nice peice.

Dannyzupl8 said...

There is no chance that Ajax cracks the opening day roster, he'll be lucky to get a non-roster invitee spot to spring training.

Jessica Lee said...

I think Yankees should let Austin Jackson play in AAA in 2008. I also haven't given up Melky yet. Not to mention I want to know what Gardner can do. However, I don't mind Yankees get a young center fielder by trade if the deal makes sense.

For some reasons, I don't see three teams in California can put any offer that come any closer to Yankees' offer. I don't know why CC wants to continuously wait three teams in California haven't show too much interest so far.

If CC ends up with one of three teams in California, it's not the end of the world for Yankees fan. You never know what will happen in the future. I have faith in Wang, Joba, Pettitte and Hughes.

As for Teixeira, I just don't know how Red Sox deal with Lowell if they get Teixeira. It will be nice to get Teixeira, but not at any cost.

Jessica Lee said...

One more thing about CC. Having money doesn't mean throwing them to where the problems doesn't lie. For example, Yankees have pretty money to spend this off-season, but we won't spend on bullpen arms.

For Giants and Angels, their problems are offense, not pitching. That's why Dodgers is the only team I think in this CC's sweepstakes. However, Manny give them the force to fill their ball park. In that weak NL West, they can get many serviceable starting pitchers at much cheaper prices. Not to mention, Dodgers have a lot of good prospects to go to or trade for Peavy.

Jessica Lee said...

I mean "2009"

Dannyzupl8 said...

I disagree Jessica. What about that huge contract that Barry Zito got? I'm sure a marquee pitcher like Sabbathia will garner at least a 120M bid by a west coast team. I'll be shocked in fact, if the Yanks aren't forced to bid higher. But I too would like to see the two young guys in center field. I like their passion and exuberance. I'll just trust your judgment on everything else. I don't know anything about the west coast markets. I just remember hearing that Manny raised the Dodgers seating average by something like 5,000 people per game. The Yanks don't have room for improvements like that!

Jessica Lee said...

Barry Zito got the huge contract for few reasons. First of all, Giants need some forces to fill up ball park after Barry Bonds leave. Secondly, Giants didn't have this many young pitchers at that moment. The guy like Tim Lincecum. Finally, after giving Zito that kind of contract with such bad return, I don't think Giants will be able to or be willing to give another huge contract to another pitcher. As good as CC look like now, don't forget Zito just looks as good as CC at that moment with few red flags like CC.

I think the reasons CC's agents is so quiet because he can't get another offer closer to Yankees in order to force Yankees to bid higher. I know there are a lot of news that three teams in California are going to bid for CC. If I were Brian Cashman, I wouldn't panic and I would believe until CC's agent say they have an offer on hand from other team. In my opinion, they are just bluffing.

We all know three teams in California don't act like a big market team. First of all, I just can't see how Giants can give out another big contract to a pitcher when they clearly need offense. Secondly, Angels always have tons of pitching prospects to fill in from their farm system when they clearly need Tiexeira more than CC. Not to mention Angels in the AL West where they don't face that strong competition. I believe they just try to make Tiexeira and Boras lower their request. Dodgers is one of three teams in California will give me less shock if they make an offer to CC because they clearly need starting pitchers. However, you all know Dodgers not only don't like to give out long term deal but also need offense more than pitching. They can get many serviceable starting pitchers at short term deal to compete in the weak NL West. Need evidence? Rumors say that Dodgers and Torre talk to Pettitte. Not to mention, they need Manny to get more people to come to watch game.

I believe those rumors are just bluffing from CC's agent or teams in California in order to drive up CC's price or force Manny or Tiexeira's hands. I think Angels just don't want to wait Tiexeira after CC is signed and get into bidding war with Yankees and Red Sox.

I will be shocked three teams in California actually go into bidding war with Yankees. Of course, there is always a mystery team out there may be willing to give out this kind of contract to CC. However, if that team isn't in California, why not just take Yankees' offer.

In the end, I think CC will just like A-Rod. Remember Boras was talking like tons of teams bidding for A-Rod. The reality is not so many teams have that ability to get out this kind of contract. CC and his agent may just come back to Yankees and accept the offer. They may just negotiate more incentives into the contract like A-Rod.

Let us wait and see. You may be right. I just hope CC make up his mind soon. As I said before, it's not end of world for Yankees fans, if we don't get CC. I actually don't want someone to play for us if he doesn't want to be here no matter how good he is. I have faith in Wang, Joba and Hughes.

Rob Abruzzese said...

Austin Jackson is the center fielder starting in 2010, so the Yanks just need a stopgap. Which Gardner and Melky can probably handle.

Also I think that all 3 of the California teams, I guess we're not counting San Diego, can get Sabathia. The Giants being the least likely and the Angels being the most likely. That would be very bad for the Yankees because it would mean the Angels would be a very strong team with a pair of aces in Sabathia and Lackey.

dannyzupl8 said...

Rob in all likelihood, Austin Jackson will NOT pan out.. He'll be lucky to approximate the levels of success that Melky and Brett have had so far. He has both of their skills combined, but he just isn't putting it together yet. I know its too early, but I'm doubting that 2010 date. This guy may be a late bloomer, he's very raw.

dannyzupl8 said...

I think the Dodgers ought to bid for CC, because he wants to play in California and hit! He's stated that, and I know he will take less to be comfortable. If they sign him, and Manny, they will easily go deep into the playoffs again, and draw great numbers. I think we need CC, but has anybody seen Hughes' numbers in the fall league? He had a couple of bad starts, but the rest, he was pretty dominant. Usually going 5 strong, 2-3 hits, and 6-10 strikeouts. He finished with a 3 even e.r.a.

Jessica Lee said...

Ha! I totally forget San Diego. I don't think we need to worry about Padres. It seems their boss can't wait to sell the whole team.

We just have to wait and see. I still think it's not the end of the world for our Yankees fans if we don't get CC.

Jessica Lee said...

you just never who will pan out among prospects. I haven't seen Austin Jackson playing, so I can't make up my mind even though everyone seems to be very high on him. That's why I don't mind Yankees trade for a young center fielder if the deal is right. If Austin Jackson pan out, I am pretty sure Yankees can find a position for him. At the same time, I am fine Yankees go with Melky/Gardner combo as well.

I don't watch fall league, so I can't say what I feel. I actually don't care about numbers too much. I am not number person. I trust my eyes. I haven't changed my mind about Hughes. I think he will at least a good no.3 starting pitcher in the big. He just need more time to command all his pitches.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't know how serious those teams in California regard of CC. I still don't think they are too serious about signing CC for different reasons. I believe what we heard so far are someone playing free agent

I know we need him and I will be very happy if we get him, but not at any cost. At some point, Yankees have to draw a line.