Thursday, November 6, 2008

Owners vs Players vs Fans

I don't know you guys. You guys probably are used to have so many players coming and going because you guys watch this kind of game since you are children.

For me, as a Taiwanese, I still can't get used to. In Taiwan, players and owners all have those sentiments with fan bases. Most of players stay with their old teams. In fact, most players only play for one team during entire career. Owners and players always try to work out the new deal. Fans root for the same favorite players on their team. Players improve their games to do everything they can do as a team in order to try to win a ball game.

There is no more evidence than the way Red Sox treat Lowell and Padres treat Jake Peavy. Of course, from owners' point of view, they always want to upgrade their team at price as cheap as possible. Fans always think players are greedy when they want to get money as much as possible. They think why players don't stay with team at cheaper and reasonable price if they really love the team. However, think about this. If you were the player that playing baseball is your job and you only can have around 10-15 years to make the most of it for your whole life, you would like to make as much as you can.

When Lowell and Peavy give their teams discount to stay with them, they turn around and want to trade you badly. They don't care how you feel. Fans even want you to go as soon as possible because it upgrades the chance of their team winning the world series.

One day, I may be able to be used to all of those.

P.S By the way, It seems to me Jake Peavy said No to Red Sox. I heard Peavy rejected an American League team with a small ball park. Orioles? Red Sox? Good to hear

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