Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congrats Dustin Pedroia for his MVP award

I hope this gives Cano extra or enough motivations for next season. I think this should and will let Cano want to prove himself. This is a valuable lesson for Cano. You need to work hard to realize your talent. Cano probably has much more talent than Pedroia. However, right now, it seems Pedroia work harder than Cano.

I know I should not feel happy for Pedroia, but I did. Congrats to him. He deserved it. Everyone don't think he can do it based on his talent and his size. Girardi told Posada: "Don't lose your job because someone work harder than you."

The reason I feel happy for Pedroia is I also believe there is nothing someone else can do I can't do. I am not smart with every bad memory. I also need to study or work harder than a lot of people in order to get a above average mark. Pedroia win a MVP is really a nice story.


dan said...

I Don't think he earned this one. So many players had better 'typical MVP numbers' like HR, and RBI. I knoww he's small, but so is the park he plays in. I hate the little pipsqueak,but I wish he played for my team at the same time.

Jessica Lee said...


I don't know much about the numbers. I am not a number person. I always decide almost everything based on what I see with some basic numbers on my mind.

For me, Pedroia did help Red Sox a lot this past season. I don't know he can keep doing this with his talents, his size of body and the swing he has or not. But, as a Yankees fan, I respect his personality.

boxinglover9 said...

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