Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring Pettitte back

What are Yankees waiting for? I posted another post regard of owners vs players vs fans earlier. I can't quite used to see my favorite players on my team coming and going as you guys may be able to used to. When coming down to make those decisions on favorite players on my team, I admit I can't make rational decision.

On top of that, When I talk about shopping experience earlier, I am the one make decision very quickly. Thinking about Angels the way they sign free agent.

If these Pettitte and Marte's situation tell us something, that's Yankees really have a plan on hand. Good to hear if you are a Yankees fan. Another thing to think about is Yankees probably wait Pettitte and Marte's price to come down when it approaches to November 14. From Yankees' standpoint, if you can save some money, why not? Don't forget one thing. Pettitte let Yankees keep waiting and giving him 16 million the past two seasons when he had leverage.

I still think Yankees should bring back Pettitte as a back of rotation guy no matter what Moose's decision is. I know Yankees want to get younger, but you never have enough pitching. Of course, I have some concerns regard of Pettitte. First of all, it's his healthy status. Secondly, it seems Pettitte lose his stuff. For example, he seems to lose his cutter. Evidence shows on his stats against righty which is very high. However, I have no problem with a pitcher with middle 4 ERA and over 200 innings as a back of rotation guy. Not to mention he is a lefty which is rare commodity in baseball.

In fact, I will bring back both Pettitte and Moose back on one-year deal to goes with CC, Wang and Joba as my 2009 rotation when tons of other options wait on the minor. I rather have them instead of Lowe, Sheets, Burnett, etc.


However, I do think Yankees will only want to have one of Pettitte and Moose back. It looks like Moose is their first choice. I don't blame them after Moose's 20 win season with low 3 ERA, especially Moose shows the ability to make adjustment when velocity of his fastball slow down few mph. However, keep in mind one thing. Pettitte is going to be 37 while Moose will be 40 in 2009 season. On top of that, it seems to me Moose always put together great season on his "walk" year, doesn't it?

I actually can understand why Yankees only want to bring one of them back. When you look at the rotation I put above. There is a risk. CC come out two seasons with high innings workload. Wang and Joba come out of injury season when Joba has limitation on innings pitched. When you put them to go with two old pitchers(Pettitte and Moose). There is a risk. The ideal is Yankees actually bring 6 starters to camp and see what happen in my opinion.

However, I am not really so high on other free agent options. A.J Burnett? Inconsistent & injury prone. Lowe? Red Sox & age & AL East & another sinkerball pitcher with our defense. Sheet? Injury. Peavy? tons of prospects & switch from NL West to AL East & don't like New York and its spotlight. When you look at his number, Peavy will have a similar ERA as Wang in the AL East. I think his careeer ERA closer to 4 against AL team. Not to mention those not good numbers against AL East teams, especially on their park. Who else?

If Moose retire, we are going to need to have Pettitte back to go with one more free agent after CC. That's why I think Yankees will or should sign Pettitte back before November 14. No matter what, we should be able to know about Moose, Pettitte and Marte's situation with Yankees around November 14. I don't think Yankees will keep waiting Moose's decision and risk to lose Pettitte on free agent market.


Dannyzupl8 said...

Not Damaso Marte at 6 million, not Pettitte at 16, etc, etc, etc.. down the line. I agree with you that the Yanks show that they have a plan, but it seems they are much more worried about the projected budget, than the playoffs! (They wouldn't pay Pettitte AND Santana for last season, that seemed to be the main cause with prospect demand being the other).I think its too early in the off season to worry about him being scooped up by other teams. No one is going to offer a contract to Andy that will blow him out of the water. I also don't believe he wishes to sign anywhere but New York or Houston. I briefly looked at Pettitte's overall numbers at, and they are unbelievably consistent! His utter failure down the stretch last season really stands out in Yankee fans' minds, and was probably due to his irregular offseason.
I disagree sadly with bringing back Moose and Pettitte WITH rotation spots (1-5) I agree about more than 5 starters..You do need to have 6-7+ starters for a season, I've recently learned. And with too aging veterans on the staff, as well as unproved prospects, you are asking for trouble, Jessica. I also believe that of the two (Pettitte and Moose, Pettitte has the greatest chance to have a good season. Mike Mussina has 49 wins (05-08) and Pettitte has 60. Moose also Barely reached the 200 inning plateau this year, and it is his only one in the 04-08 period. Pettitte has comfortably reached that number in every season since 03, except for his injury shortened '04 season, with Houston. I would argue with you that Burnett is well worth the risk. He is an outstanding, dominant pitcher when motivated. I know you have seen him pitch, you're one of the best fan bloggers I've read so far. You give Abraham and Feinsand, and Murti a run for their money! Don't you think that the NY stage, a nice fat contract, etc. will be enough to inspire a great performance from that man in Toronto? He has been said to have the best stuff in baseball, and also, do not forget he faces the Yankees 4-6 times per season, and is an extremely tough game to win. If you can't beat them, join them! lol.. also, I think that him being injured is a given, but well-worth the risk. If he pitches 80-85 percent of a 5-6 year deal, it will be well worth it Jessica. He is the only other F/A that you listed that I would pursue, personally. (C.C already has his uniform!) and btw.. once you are logged into facebook, the link, does in fact work. So sign in, then click the link to my page. If not, tell me your network. Mine is hampton university and New York,Ny. (My school, and hometown) My name is Daniel Alexander Allman (D.Alexander Allman.) and sorry for the long rebuttle. I'm passionate about the devloping rotation, and young players.

Jessica Lee said...

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Jessica Lee said...

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Jessica Lee said...

Ha! You may be right. It seems Hal really wants to run Yankees like a business unlike his father. As a Yankees, I don't know this is a good news or not.

However, When you think about it, it's important to have a budget. Yankees have been spent much more money than other teams. I actually don't care about this. But the trust of matter is it seems to me Yankees spent those money on feeding other teams as well. And then those teams become our main competitors. Not good and Not smart
at all.

Yes. We probably need 6 starting pitchers. Yes. This is risk to have two old pitchers in the rotation. However, we also need to think about position players as well. I agree with what you said regard of Pettitte. If you read between my lines, you know I would rather choose Pettitte than Moose. I know Moose has a far better year than Pettitte. But, it doesn't matter if Moose try to retire.

As for Burnett, I know he pitches so well against us and Red Sox. What a way to make money. I won't be unhappy if Yankees sign him. I am just on the fence for signing Burnett. However, there is one thing I know for sure. Don't let Red Sox get him. In fact, I hope any team out of AL East sign him if Yankees don't get him.

Dannyzupl8 said...

I forgot about the luxury tax issue.. So we are essentially lining the pockets of cheap sports franchise owners, and funding rival teams? Thats ludicrous.. Would baseball be more competitive with a salary floor and cap? I'm sure you don't follow american football, but in this sport, there is parity, few dynasties, and high turnover year-to-year. This would mean no A-rod, no Giambi, Clemens, etc. etc. etc. The Yankees consistently sign F/A and are forced to give up draft picks, or give up prospects in deals. If you knew of the opportunities we've passed up, or prospects we've recently dealt away to win now, you may be shocked..
In terms of position players, I would package Cano, and Kennedy, and mide level prospect for Mclouth, then we could sign Hudson. What do you think?

Jessica Lee said...

First of all, which name you would like me to call you "Danny"? or "Daniel" or others?

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Jessica Lee said...

I learn a little bit about American football when I was in LA. I am a huge sport fan since I was a kid and likes to play ball as well. Go back to topic. Before going to America, I don't understand why Americans are so into American football. What is the interesting part to watch people crashing or running into each other? And then I watch that with my American friends, I start understanding why. I hope I don't make mistake about this. I think the game plan involving with offense and defense part which just like military affairs.

I still can't understand a lot and don't know how to.

As for Mclouth trade, I think I said it before. I don't mind Yankees trade for a young center fielder this off-season. I don't think Pirates will take Cano as the center piece of the deal even though I am not too comfortable the idea about trading Cano away. Pirates is in rebuilding mode. They just trade away Nady and Bay. Why they want to take Cano and his big deal? Not to mention Cano and Kennedy's off 2008 season. I think it will take more than what you say to get Mclouth. If they need more than that, I don't think I will feel comfortable about it.

Dannyzupl8 said...

The Yankees have tons of young, cheap pitching to offer the Pirates (It worked for Nady and Marte) They could and should package Jackson, and some young arms then? Is that a better package for Pittsburgh? A famous comedian who recently passed away made a military/ american football juxtaposition, while simultaneously showing the effeminacy of baseball. It was hilarious. His name is George Carlin, I'll find a youtube link to it, but I can't speak for other americans, I've never played organized football, just with friends on the occasional spare weekend. I follow the local teams, but I'm not a huge fan though. The violence does appeal to us though. (Oh and I think I would like to avoid being indexed by google, so could you maybe remove my name?) please? lol.. of all the places for my name to appear.

Jessica Lee said...

I think that should be a better package than the one center with Cano. I think if we put Austin Jackson as a center piece of the deal with some good young pitchers. It should be able to get it done.

However, I don't think Yankees will put Austin Jackson in any deal unless there is someone they can't refuse. Not to mention Cashman already said center fielder is not the priority. I think they will upgrade this position once they solve starting pitchers and 1B(some offense to replace with Giambi and possible Abreu).

I do think Yankees will upgrade their outfielders after 2009 season when there are a lot of good outfielders becoming free agents, especially Mastui and Damon's contracts will be expired as well. This also give Austin Jackson another year in the minor to get ready. I think they will find a stop guy type(Cameron? even though I don't like it) and see what Gardner will do. I think this is their plan.

From this point on, I won't call your name on the comment section. I will try to remote your name, but I am not sure I can do it or not. Ha! I already told you I am not really good at technology.

As for American football, I really want to understand, but I don't know how to. If you know, let me know. I think the easiest way probably is take some time to watch game with someone know this sport which is very hard to do in Australia.

Jessica Lee said...

sorry, i tried to remote your name on the comment section. It turns out I only can delete them which I don't want to do. So....I won't call you name from this point on. Is it ok?

Dannyzupl8 said...

Its fine.. I was fine with clicking anonymous too, : )

Jessica Lee said...

if you click anonymous later on, please give me a signal in the comment in order to let me know that's you. I would like to know who I am talking to.