Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holliday heads to A's?

I actually don't understand why A's want to trade for Holliday for this one-year rental, but there is a good news and a bad news for Yankees fans. Why? Let me tell you.

I know Yankees are not really into the idea about trading prospects for Holliday. It's good to know he is going to head to someplace. He is one year away to become free agent. Why not wait for one more year? By that time, Mastui and Damon's contracts will be expired if Yankees are really interested in Holliday. It makes perfect sense to wait another year. It doesn't make sense to sacrifice prospect for him now.

On top of that, Yankees are able to know how Holliday will perform in A's pitcher's park instead of his old home. Not to mention about switching league. If he still can perform very well under those conditions, it won't be a bad idea to get him after 2009 season. Of course, it must be on reasonable price.

That' s why I don't understand why Billy Beane want to trade assets for a guy may not able to perform well in A's park. Does he know something we don't know? If he only trade away guys like Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Smith and Huston Street, it makes much more sense because Beane is very good at selling high and buying low. Maybe it's time to cash in for those players.

However, according to a lot of news sites, there are 2 top prospects in the packing. If Beane trade his top prospects for one-year Holliday that doesn't make sense. Because it's not worthy even though he can trade him to another team during trading deadline or cash in for another top draft picks after 2009 season. Not to mention there is a chance Holliday doesn't perform well in A's that lower the price for trading him and cashing him for draft pick. He also doesn't know who Holliday will sign with after 2009 season. If Holliday sign with big market teams which is highly likely, the draft pick Beane get won't be very high either.

This leads me to my bad news one. Beane may simply want to upgrade his team to complete in his weak AL West division. Why not? If A's get enough offense this off-season to go with their good enough pitching which they seems have all the time, they certainly can complete for AL West. Not to mention if he sign Giambi as well. Why this is a bad news for Yankees? If Angels sense A's want to complete with them becuase of this trade, they may go into bidding war with Yankees regard of CC and
Teixeira. Hopefully, I just think too much.


Anonymous said...

holliday in LF 4 '10 ?

Jessica Lee said...

We will have many options to choose for our outfielders in 2010. That's for sure. We can wait and see how Holliday perform in A's first.