Friday, November 7, 2008

Doesn't make sense

Just in case you guys miss those posts regard of Marte and Cameron I posted earlier, go check them out.

Yankees decline Marte's 6 million option officially. If Yankees don't work out a new deal with Marte at near future and let him test free agent market, this doesn't make sense, especially when you consider Cashman and Yankees have been search for lefty relief pitchers for a long time. Once Marte get to free agent market, he almost certainly can get better deal from someone else.

Why trade away young talents in the farm system and let Marte walk away? Of course, we still have Nady. But, don't forget not only Marte is the main guy Cashman target for at the first place and Cashman said he won't do this trade for two month rentals but also Cashman make this trade when our bullpen is in good shape and only concern is the lack of lefty relief pitchers in the bullpen.

I know Phil Coke is impressive, but is it be better off having two lefty relief pitchers in the bullpen and one of them has some experience? If Cashman has so many faith in young pitchers in the farm system, why bother to trade for Marte? If Cashman start believing relief pitchers are crap shots and don't have to spend tons of money on them, why bother to trade young talents for Marte, especially when you consider Joe Girardi show the ability to manage bullpen unlike Joe Torre. Let alone let Marte leave for one-year deal and sign other lefty relief pitchers on free agent market on long term deal. Not to mention Yankees probably don't know them much.

I only can come up with three reasons why Cashman does this.

Firstly, just like Luis Vizcaino. Marte hurt more than Yankees lead us to believe or they don't think Marte can perform well in the AL East, so they rather collect two draft picks and go after other lefty relief pitchers on the free agent market.

Secondly, Yankees don't want to set new bar for relief pitchers by picking up his 6 million option. They prefer to go after other cheaper options in the free agent market or simply work out a multi-year deal with Marte.

Thirdly, they know they are going to lose a lot of draft picks for signing top free agents this off-season. They rather collect draft picks from let Marte going and then pay those for signing other top free agents.

As for Cameron, I don't mind Yankees trade for young center fielder. But, I rather have Melky or Gardner for center fielder than paying Cameron 10 million for that job. Let alone trade some values in our farm system for him. People may say, Cameron is a one-year stop gap for waiting Austin Jackson. You never know what prospects may turn out to be. Austin Jackson may never pay off or he may need more time. You go out to get a young center fielder or give Melky or Gardner a chance to play. If Austin Jackson become what a lot of people expect him to be, don't worry, I am sure Yankees can find a position for him anyway.

Hopefully, we can know what Cashman's plan very soon.

Updated: Check out this latest news regard of Cameron's trade with Brewers on Newsday. I know the stock of Melky and Kennedy had dropped a lot. Are you kidding me? Brewers want us to give them Melky and Kennedy for Cameron and pay him 10 million dollars. Even if Cameron is a free agent now, I still need to think about getting him to play center fielder for us. Let alone trade Melky and Kennedy for him. Ha, No. Are them insane?

Updated: According to NY Daily News, Yankees are on their way to settle a three-year deal with Marte. See. I know a lot of fans jump on Cashman immediately. Good to hear.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Cameron makes no sense at all if we are really going to develop our minerleagers they must feel that thay will get a chance at the major league level or they will be to nervous when called up that they are one mistake away from being sent down. As for Marte i hope that the $6 mil goes to giving Manny a two year 60mil offer.

Jessica Lee said...

It's true what you said how to develop young players. Giving them one full season or a period of time is the way to find out young players will be major leaguer or not. Few players can succeed with limited at-bats or outing. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult for young players to succeed in New York Yankees.

As for Marte, I will wait and see before jumping on conclusion. At least, I will wait until November 14. I read one comment from Peter's blog I feel it's so right on the money. Yankees are not hurry up to sign someone. They probably want to wait after Rule 5 draft to protect more young players.

Jessica Lee said...

I guess what I try to say is Melky or Gardner won't have enough playing time to prove themselves if Yankees sign Cameron. They are not going to give Cameron 10 million dollars to sit on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a great blog.. I say this probably because I haven't given up on Kennedy and Cabrera either! May I post a link to your blog on my facebook page? I live in New York City, and I've got a lot of yankee friends. I enjoy reading, mark feinsand of the daily news, peter abraham at lohud yankees, (I'm somnambul1zm)

Jessica Lee said...

Dear somnambul1zm,

Thanks for compliments. I am glad to hear people actually enjoy reading my blog. This means so much to me.

I think you actually can use "Name/URL" option to let me know your name and then I can know which comment are from you. I just want to make more friends, especially they also love Yankees.

Of course, you can post link on your facebook. Welcome your friends to my blog. I love to read those blogs as well. The blogs I go to often I put on the side of my blog.

As for Melky, Kennedy, it's too early to make a conclusion in my opinion. They just have one bad year. They are still young. I know so many people jump on the conclusion and don't have patience.

Jessica Lee said...

By the way, I also have facebook. If you want, let me know yours.

Dannyzupl8 said...

I post a lot at I don't know about the time difference, but at certain times throughout the day, its pretty active. Right now the talk is mostly a Fukodome/Damon swap. Taking in Fukodome on an off year though, worht the gamble?.. I don't know how to link a facebook profile, but, I tried it.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Dannyzupl8,

Unfortunately, I don't know how to link facebook profile as well. It's ok we can keep talking on my blog.

Thanks for letting me know new forum to talk about Yankees. I certainly will keep my eyes on over there.

When is noon in New York, it's 4am in Sydney.

Dannyzupl8 said...

reclassification of minor league talent-top ten list-kennedy now noticeably absent

Jessica Lee said...

I think this kind of list change every year. I trust scout more. I believe Wang never rank very high in this kind of list when he was in the minor.

By the way, do you know how they rank? statistics? scout?