Sunday, November 9, 2008

Interesting Joe Girardi interview on WFAN

I heard an interesting Joe Girarid interview on WFAN. It's a good one.

*Based on what I heard, I think Joe Girardi learn a lot from this first year. He will improve next year. He already took the first step: more honest.

*Girardi think the most important thing he learn is keep building up the relationship with players in order to get most of them, but it takes time. I agree with him. The thing people don't realize is Joe Torre basically got his new core players when he got to Yankees in 1996 and they go on to win world series at first year. Of course, it makes everything much easier to deal with after championship. It's much harder for Joe Girardi because he needs to work on the core players who had been with Joe Torre for a long time and He took over after Yankees fail to make out of first round for many years.

*Girardi thinks it also takes time to figure out how to work with coach staff well.

*Girardi likes players are able to do many different things. He also would like to have a team with better defense and pitching. I think this is Yankees' offseason focus.

*Girardi thinks it's important to have two lefty in the bullpen. He wants to have Marte back and Yankees are talking deal with him. It seems to me Yankees have a deal with him on hand, otherwise Girardi won't be able to talk things like that.

*As for Mussina. Girardi think there are two factors for Moose's decision: what family members think and do Moose want to keep playing or not. It's not about HOF and 300 wins for him. He expects Mosse to make up his mind two months after season ends which is November. It's now. I think Yankees already know what Moose's decision by now. I think the reason Moose hasn't made in public is help Yankees. They actually can play some game with other free agent signing. It sounds to me Moose will retire.

*Joba is a starter now. It all depends on what offseason goes in order to make final decision. I think Joba will be in the bullpen if Yankees get enough starting pitching. It's not a final decision yet.

*Yankees are not sure or havn't made up their mind what they want to do in 1B.

Interesting, right? I think so. Girardi actually is honest this time and actually say a lot of things regard of team and himself. We actually can tell part of direction Yankees want to approach this offseason.

If you miss this interview on WFAN, go to their website to download the file later on.


Dannyzupl8 said...

I listened to most of this live on 660 in NYC with Murti, and Coleman w/ Girardi. I still find Girardi alarmingly naive, and disimissive about communication issues. I've heard John Heyman of Sport Illustrated say he often walks through the crowded clubhouse without uttering a word to anyone!! And there's the publicized reports of him relying too heavily with only 2 of his coaches, while ignoring the rest. I know communication was Torre's strong point, but Girardi seems completely inept here. At every step he fails.. with the media, with veterans, with young players.. Its making me nostalgic of Torre burning out Scott Proctor's arm !! : ) (by the way, the hyperlink on my name works.. Add me to facebook please, I want to be more worldly with my friendships there

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Dannyzup18,

I got to my facebook page when I use hyperlink on your name. I don't know why. Is it possible for you to send your name you use in the facebook to my email? I think I can use this way to find you on facebook.

As for Joe Girardi vs Joe Torre. If I have choose, I still take Girardi over Torre because of the way Girardi manage bullpen and better in-game strategy. It's so important to have a manager who can manage bullpen well Nowaday. This is something most managers can't do very well. I also think Girardi made fewer in-game mistakes than Torre. Once we get into playoffs, it will be so important.

Don't get me wrong. I love Torre, but I am never the one look back to the past decision.

I think players and coaches just need to make adjustment because it's no way Girardi can change his personality overnight.

I also won't trust media completely. I am not saying media make up stories. Some people just hide who they are or can't act naturely in front of media. Some people like spotlight. Trust me. I had been a journalist for 3 years. For example, a lot of fans criticize the job Jeter did as a captain. But, how do we know what Jeter did behind the scene? some people do their job quietly. They are not doing them to get credit or get spotlight.

I don't know I say this before on my blog or not. I remember one of Taiwanese reporters asked Wang the difference between Joe Torre and Girardi. Wang said Girarid is more serious and Torre joked with him a lot, otherwise, everything is almost the same.

I will give Girardi more time to prove himself. Just like I do with Melky, Hughes and Kennedy. I am not going to jump on conclusion immediately. On top of that, we have so many injury 2008 season.

I heard Torre's interview on WFAN. When reporters ask him how he feel about Yankees don't make the playoffs this season. Torre said it's not a good sign when Yankees lost Wang and no one can predict how well Rays play in 2008 season. He said who knows what will happen if Rays are not playing as good as they are.