Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome Yankees fans around the world

Hi everyone,

I just change the format in the comment section a little bit. I decide to let some new friends are able to express what they think in the comment section as even though they don't have account. The reason I want to do this is I really hope we are able to exchange what we think on this blog. Since I have been in different countries for those years, I really love to make friends around the world and understand your cultures. Please let me know if you guys have other opinions on this decision . Hopefully, everything will go very well.

By the way, I just check sitemeter and find out I have readers from Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Croatia, Singapore, Lebanon, Germany, China, Mexico and other unidentified countries. WoW! I didn't notice this until I check. Of course, 53% of readers from the United States. Any other countries? let me know.

This shows me there are a lot of Yankees fans around the world. Thanks for reading, especially for my poor English.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing the format for responses i am now able to tell you that i enjoy your site very much

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks, I am very appreciated at. Keep coming back and we can talk about more different topics.

I think you already can use Name/URL option without account. If you use Name/URL one, I can know your name(you don't have to put real name) and your blog, facebook or myspace(optional). I will know who I talk to as well.