Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Swisher will be a good fit to Yankees

Go check out the interview Swisher did on WFAN. The more I listen to him, the more I like him. I think he will do well and bring a lot to us, especially his personality. He laughs and jokes a lot during interview. Yankees certainly need someone like him to loose up and play 150% every time out.

We need more baseball players, not superstars.

For example, Swisher said his father is a Cubs' fan and goes on to say he quickly changes to a Yankees fan few days ago. HA! Not to mention there are more Yankees fans in his hometown now. He also mentions New Yankees stadium. The most important is he likes to eat. Me too. Welcome to Yankees' family.

P.S I just heard the interviews Michael Kay did on ESPN 1050. If CC doesn't like to play for us, like Peavy. I don't want someone to play for us if he doesn't want to no matter how good he is. However, there are tons of people claiming they are friends of CC now. I will reserve my comments before hearing from CC or his agents.


dan said...

I heard it live. I was listening to francesa that day, looking for some football info. Swisher seems like he would gel right away with guys like damon and giambi, seems like a real standup, outgoing guy. I trust that hes dedicated to having a bounce back year. DIdnt hear the Kay interview however

dan said...

dan said...

that link is cut my name for the same thing, its an espn article arguing against pedrois for mvp. its pretty funny too

Rad said...

Finally someone whoa grees with me.
I like the Swisher signing. We need to start working on building a decent defense to help our pitching staff.

Nice post.

Jessica Lee said...

I read that article from Rob regard of MVP as well.

It's very difficult for players who are from small market teams or with a low profile to win any award. This just the way this thing works.

For example, Gold Glove should give to someone with good glove, not with a good offense number. How in the world Moose win a gold glove again with his 20 win season after many years without winning one? In 2007, Santana win a gold glove when Wang actually has a great season for the glove as well.

In the end, I don't care those award too much. In the end, Yankees and Red Sox don't win it all in 2008.

Jessica Lee said...

For Asian people, we always pay more attention on pitching and defense for baseball game.

I am glad Yankees front office agree with me.

However, I do believe Yankees need someone in the lineup to protect A-Rod. We don't have that person now. I do believe Yankees will get Manny or Teixeira.

Dannyzupl8 said...

I buy into bolstering the offense, if we fail to get an ace thru free agency. I want Burnett or Sheets. Give me 75-85 percent of the time a healthy, dominant pitcher, and the remaining percentage of the time, a broken down old man, I don't really care. I will take dominant most of the time, over average all of the time. As long as its not an extreme, like PAVANO. I think Sabbathia ends up in LA Blues, for about 2o million less than the Yankee offer. If they offer him 6-7 years, 125 million, I'm pretty sure he will take it. I would love Manny protecting mr. material girl. Manny actually comes through in the clutch

Dannyzupl8 said...

I've heard on talk radio that the Swisher signing is very similar to the brosious, or oneil signings, in that they are coming off down seasons and, but are clearly better players, have good mentalities, and are nothing but upside in terms of contributing to a winning team. I would not be surprised if it went either way. Most people were down on getting those 2 guys at the time, so you never know. But Teixeira is still in another stratosphere as a player. His numbers are Pujols, A-Rod like.

Jessica Lee said...

I like Yankees get Swisher because of his personality. He will be a good fit to Yankees on the field and off the field.

You never know what will happen. No one can predict the future. In the real life, everyone tries to make a best decision for themselves based on the information we have on hand. The same thing goes to Yankees. As a fan, I am satisfied as long as Yankees show me they do their best to upgrade the team.

Yankees can only do that much. It's up to players to decide. I know it may sound silly, but I want players want to play for us. If CC doesn't want to play for us and want to stay in California, it's fine and it's not the end of world for us too. I agree with Cashman, "We are going to show a lot of love, but we need someone to love us back."