Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wang's lastest interview with Taiwanese reporter

I translated this interview with Wang from Chinatimes. If you guys are able to read Mandarin, please feel free to use that link to read the whole original interview. Wang was interviewed by one of Taiwanese reporters in New York before going home soon.

Q: How do you feel in the last bullpen in Tampa?
A: I threw 50 pitches, but I didn't throw in full speed. I still haven't gotten my balance back.

Q: What doctors in New York said after checking out?
A: Yes, I am completely healthy now. The doctor wants to make sure bones in my right foot doesn't separate again which separated ealier after getting hurt. (I think this is the reason Wang spent more time than expected to recover)

Q: What you need to do after going back to Taiwan?
A: Yankees design a rehab schedule for me that tell me what I can do and can't do, especially how to strengthen muscles of my right foot.

Q: What do you learn from this injury?
A: I need to learn how to run bases. Hopefully, Yankees have some training program in spring training for me

Q: So, it means you are going to run hard next time on base?
A: Yes, of course, I still will do my best.

Q: What do you think the reasons you didn't pitch well for a period of time this season?
A: Yes, I think about it. I think I think too much.

Q: What pitch you want to improve on in spring training?
A: slider. I want to have better command.

Q: Yankees are going to get at least one front-line starter this off-season. You may not be the no.1 any more. Is it ok for you? Do you need to make any adjustment mentally?
A: No, I didn't need to make any mental adjustment. It's the same to me because I just do my job and go out to pitch every 5 day.

Q: So, which slot you are in the rotation doesn't matter to you?
A: Yes, pitching well is much more important.

Q: Goal for 2009 season? How many wins?
A: Don't get hurt and pitch the whole season. It doesn't matter how many wins because I want to win every game any way.

Q: How do you feel the possibility to pitch opening day in New Yankees stadium?
A: I think it won't be me to pitch in opening day.

Q: How do you feel about going back to Taiwan soon?
A: I am very happy because I can see my parents soon.

Q: Any plan except some public events?
A: No, I can't go anywhere in Taiwan. On top of that, Hopefully, I may have less commercial events this off-season(because of injury).

P.S. By the way, I am going to watch Election with my Australian friends now. Even though I don't understand everything about American election, good to be part of it. Stay tuned for some thought after that.

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