Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congrats to the United States of America

I was watching the election with a lot of Australians in a bar at the University of Sydney. It's amazing for me to know how many people around the world pay attention on this election. Before going there, I actually don't completely understand how American election system works. I understand basic principles. Fortunately for me, I sat with a group of Australians know a lot and taught me a lot as well.

I learn two things during the time I was in America that have very big impact on me. First of all, most Americans don't have racial discrimination. After staying different countries for those years, this is very impressive and important. In my mind, people around the world should try to treat everyone around the world the same as the people in your own country. This will bring peace around the world. Of course, we don't always can do it. There are still so many people can't do it. At least, we need to work toward to right direction.

It's great to see a African American can win the election to be the president of the United States of America. Of course, the condition of bad economy and difficulties of wars involved in middle-East Asian countries probably have something to do with. However, this still is quite an accomplishment.

Secondly, Americans teach their children to be confident of themselves which sometimes lack among Asian people because of our culture. Parents always teach us there are always someone else are better than you, you always can learn something from them, you have to respect others' professionalism and you need to make a self-examination when something go wrong. Those result the lack of confident. During accepted speech, I refresh this when Obama put those "Yes, we can" together.

I don't support each party. This is just impression I come away with.

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