Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great strategy

I know Yankees already made an initial offer to CC which will break Santana's offer immediately. Basically, Yankees try to tell everyone they are serious about going after CC.

And then they tell everyone they are going to make an offer to AJ Burnett and Lowe the next few days. The few days separated between CC and AJ or Lowe show CC that he is our priority. However, they also show CC we are not going to sit around and wait for your answers forever. We are going to get more than one pitcher on free agent market.

I believe some of you have experience of trying to rent an apartment. Landlords keep getting phone calls from many people. They always tell us some people already came before you and they show interests in renting this apartment as well. If we want, we need to make a decision quickly. When landlords get a response from a group of people they like, they would lease the apartment immediately. So if you think and consider for too many days, you often end up with nothing left.

If everyone knows Yankees make offer to a lot of people they like, those players and agents will be afraid of losing Yankees' big offer once other players accept offer first because there are only few spots left for rotation and so much money to spend within the budget. This probably shortenes the period of time those players and agents sit on Yankees' offer and shop them around for a long time. Not to mention Economy is not in very good shape.

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