Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wang new commercial

I don't know how many readers of my blog understand Mandarin, but I think you guys probably can understand most of commercial without understanding Mandarin. Wang shot a commercial for Johnnie Walker in March in Florida.

The content of commercial is based on true story from Wang. How Wang's two best friends since childhood support and help him to overcome adversities, including staying in the minor for a long time(5 years), rehabbing and bad performances in order to keep pursuing his dream.

The majority of Wang's commercials like this which send some positive messages to young people and hold some charity events along the way. It actually encourages and helps a lot of people. Of course, those commercials also bring enormous profits to those brands.

I like those positive messages to young people. However, Wang's not so good acting skill makes me laugh all the time. By the way, I never saw Wang having Joba-like emotion on the mound after striking out someone even when he pitched for our national team long time ago.

(From Johnnie Walker's Taiwan website)

I think our bombers also need our support to overcome adversity and get 27th world series.

Let go Yankees!

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