Friday, November 21, 2008


Mike Mussina officially decided to retire. I am not going to talk about Moose's numbers. I am not going to talk about his chance for HOF. I am not going to talk about his playoff performance. I am not going to talk about his "almost" which includes an almost perfect game and an almost world series ring with no no-hitter and no CY Young Award in his resume.

As a fan, I like to talk about memory. No matter they are good memory or bad memory. I only care about those memory that players bring to me. Those memory play a big role in my life because of how many time we spend on watching them playing. It seems players become part of our life and go through good things or bad things with us.

I become a Yankees fan when I went to America to study film school in 2005, so I don't have that much memory about Mussina to talk about when comparing with you guys.

2006, May

I always remember the game Moose pitched against Tiger. Moose pitched a complete game. When Torre was going to come out to take the ball from Moose in the 9th inning with 2 outs, Moose yelled and pointed to Torre,"No, you stay there".

During the same period of time, I was busy at my pitch for my film project. I was so happy I am able to put everything together and get ready for graduation. Only thing I regret is my family was not able to attend my graduation when my other classmates' family all attended.

2006, October

When Moose struggled with Tiger in ALDS playoffs, I also struggled to convince my family to let me stay in America. I was struggling with getting a company was willling to help out my visa issue and start questioning myself.

2008, September

I always remember the look Moose had when he sat in the dugout and looked at Mo pitching in the 9th inning of his 20th win game in Fenway Park. I can't forget the big smile Moose had after getting his 20th win.

For me, I finally get better results during the time in Sydney and start feeling better to myself.

I don't know how many Yankees players will miss Mussina, but I am sure Wang will be one of them. Wang always says Moose help him a lot. Wang told to Taiwanese media at the end of season. He asked Mussina to come back for two more years during the course of season, but Moose always smiled and said, "No". During the first press conference one week ago when Wang just arrived Taiwan, he still said he hopes Moose and Pettitte will come back.

I remember Moose help to fix Wang's delivery many times. In 2006, After Wang lost to National for that heart-broken loss, Moose told to Wang his story the next day. I am sure Wang will miss him a lot. When Taiwanese reporters asked Moose, Why you don't let people know you help Wang so much? Moose said, "I do this for Wang. The purpose is to help Wang, not to let people know".

I know we are going to miss you, Moose. However, we have those memory with us. As a child from single family without a good father with me, I am glad for Moose's family. They have their father with them to go through every good or bad time.

I was planning to post something regard of Manny and Teixeira originally. However, Today belongs to Moose. I decide to leave everything else to tomorrow. I will come back more after Moose's conference call.

Updated: I was listening to the interview Moose on WFAN. Moose said the decision of signing with Yankees is the best decision he ever made. i am glad to have you on my Yankees team as well.

I just told about the memory I have about Moose. How about yours?

Updated: Wang just attended the ceremony for the award he got earlier. Wang said it's so sad to see Moose go. He said he loses another good friend and good teacher on the team. Moose and he always look after each other when Moose teach him a lot. In his opinion, the difference between 2007 season and 2008 season for Moose is Moose doesn't care about the velocity of his fastball any more with more control and command in the strike zone. I think knowing 2008 season is his last season seems to help Moose a lot for his great 2008 season. By the way, Wang knows Yankees try to get front-end starters. He restates he doesn't care about who is No.1 on the team. He knows all those pitchers have different stuffs. He definitely can learn a lot from them. Everyone just goes out every 5 days to do their parts to get a championship.

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