Friday, October 24, 2008

Wang threw 45 pitches

I just saw this news from Taiwanese website. Right now, Wang can throw off mound for 45 pitches. Everything goes very well. He will stay there for a while and go back to Taiwan at the beginning of November.

When was asked about the wish for 2009 season by Taiwanese reporter, Wang said,"I don't want to get hurt again. I hope I can pitch the whole season". As Rays hold World Series in Tampa, Wang said he didn't have plan to go there and watch. He only watches on TV because he really feel sad the Yankees are not able to play in playoffs this season.


MJB said...

Thats good to hear! I have confidence that Wang will be fine in 2009. His injury was a freak accident and not an arm/shoulder injury or something more directly related to his pitching. It will be great to have him back!

Todd Drew said...

The big guy will be ready at the top of the rotation next year. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

Jessica Lee said...

Wang already told Taiwanese reporters Yankees will make sure he get his documents for visa ready on time this year in order to let him go back to U.S earlier for personal training. He is going to go back to U.S at the beginning of January.

If my memory is right, Wang actually goes back to U.S earlier than preview year every year. He told to Taiwanese reporters he needs to come back earlier than he did preview year every year. He feels he needs more training in order to stand more workloads. When he is in Taiwan, he can't do anything but stay at home.

Wang works so hard. As a Taiwanese, this is the thing I really feel proud of. As a lazy blogger or not working as hard as I can Taiwanese, I sometimes feel a little bit sorry for that.

Jessica Lee said...

By the way, don't worry about not working out at home in Taiwan.

According to thousands of Taiwanese media resources, Wang already built up a gym at his home in Taiwan because he realize it's too difficult for him to go out even for training in Taiwan.

Sometimes, I feel why Wang bothers to go back to Taiwan if he only can stay at home. However, since I has been out of Taiwan for few years and hasn't stayed with my family more than 10 years, I certainly can understand why. It's worthy even though just staying at home and doing nothing. Good news for me. If everything goes well, I will go back to Taiwan next year.

Jessica Lee said...

One more thing, I realize it's worthy even though just staying at home and arguing with your family.