Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't trade Phil Hughes

I am pretty sure Mets regret the decision to trade Kazmir to Rays.

I know Hughes just ended his terrible 2008 season when pitches not so well in Arizona Fall League. I am sure a lot of fans regret not to trade him for Santana when a lot of writers and experts say how terrible decision Cashman make past off-season. Not for me. I still believe Hughes will be a good no.3 pitcher at major.

I realize how impatient a lot of Yankees fans are. Guys, Hughes is 22 year old. The reason for Phil Hughes to pitch in Arizona Fall League is to gain more experience, use his secondary pitches more, fix his delivery and command and get more innings in. The same thing goes to Kennedy when he was sent back to minor league second time. They should not focus on putting great stats because it's impossible to allow them to practice other pitches at major league level.

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