Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been busy for this past two weeks. I actually think there is a good thing for me when Yankees can't get into the playoff this year. Don't kill me and let me finish my sentence. That is I actually can concentrate more on the things I need to finish in my real life.

Right now, life is getting a little bit easier for me these coming 3 or 4 weeks and then I will have another busy two weeks period again.

But, It doesn't mean I haven't pay a lot of attention on what happen to Yankees, such as Cano's trade rumor, Torre in LA, Hank's speech, Cashman' new deal, change of coach stuff?, etc. I will have those posts coming very soon. I actually plan to come up with some kind of plan for my blog regard of posts for this off-season. Stay tuned.

By the way, Even though I can't have so much time and interest on playoff this year, I actually keep my eyes on. This is the year I really hope a national league team will win it all. However, I start enjoy to watch Rays playing. It will be a very nice story for them to get a ring this season. Actually, I don't like Rays and Red Sox. But when you compare any team with Red Sox, any team will become much more friendly as well.

If Red Sox get into World Series, I hope Dodgers can get in. Let Manny beat Red Sox will be a good story for Yankees fans. However, If Rays get into world series, I hope Phillies can get in. Among those four playoff teams, I actually root for Phillies to win it all. I like that greedy and gutty team. and you? Of course, my most interest is to hope playoff ending as soon as possible and then we can get more news about Yankees.

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