Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Congrats, Rays

I was not able to watch game 6 and 7 live because of time which is noon in Sydney. In fact, even though I have time, I was not going to watch those games because I can't stand to watch Red Sox playing and get me upset for non-yankees games.

I must give Red Sox deserved credit to fight back and force game 7. I hope this is a turning point of Red Sox's magic run. I just can't believe Red Sox keep having this kind of miracles all the time. It's time to turn the lucks back to our Bombers.

It's good now I can watch World Series peacefully because I know I don't have to watch Red Sox celerbating. As you guys know, I am rooting for Phillies. Let's Go Phillies! It's about time for a national league team to win it all.

By the way, If Wang got killed for his two playoff performances in 2007 ALDS, big game "ACE" pitchers Josh Beckett and Jon Lester who both only have one good regular season so far should get the same treatment as well. Wang doesn't find excuses for that, they shouldn't too.

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