Monday, October 27, 2008

Bowa stays with Dodgers

As I told you guys earlier, I don't think Larry Bowa or Willie Randolph will be our new third base coach. Right now, Bowa had decided to stay with Joe Torre and Dodgers. As you guys know, Willie reportedly rejected Washington's offer to be on the coaching staff. This tells us how much Willie Randolph wants to be a manager again which won't be an ideal option to be on Joe Girardi's coach staff.

I love to have Paul O'nell on Joe Girardi's coach staff. You guys can read the reasons on this post. However, there is another problem for this idea as well. It seems third base coach is reponsible for not only base running but also infielders. As we all know, Paul O'nell is an outfielder when he was a player.

I believe Yankees will get a guy with more experience when all said and done.

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