Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bobby Meacham won't be back

This certainly does not surprise so many people even though Yankees actually do not have so many base runners to allow Meacham to make so many mistakes this season. The reason I think Bobby Meacham should not be bought back because of AL East which is a very tough division. Few wins can make a huge difference on the whole season. If anything can help Yankees to get few more wins, they should do it.

As for Joe Girardi's reaction, I don't think you guys have to think too much. We all have good friends at jobs. Your friends let go from company do not affect the friendship at all. I think Joe Girardi and Bobby Meacham both understand that.

When so many people screamed at owner or front office and said, "See. Yankees should not let Torre go. They make huge mistakes. If Joe Torre were here, he would make the differences. Joe Girardi is not the right person."

I still think Yankees make a right choice to let Torre go and bring in Joe Girardi. Of course, they certainly do not handle the process very well. I won't change my mind because Joe Torre make the playoffs and Yankees don't.

I always feel it's time to go if you don't have more passion on the job you did. This is the only criteria for me to decide to change the job or not. When you don't love the job you do any more, it will be very difficult to do it very well. This is the same situation as Joe Torre.

Of course, Joe Girardi made a lot of mistakes this season. But, when you think about how he manage the bullpen and compare with the majority of big league managers, Yankees will play very well next season if Cashman is able to put together a good team for him. That being said, the ability to manage people is still very important for any manager. I believe Joe Girardi will improve in this department next season.

Let go back to coach staff. I don't think experience is the only criteria Yankees should consider when it comes down to their coach staff. Passion and right attitude will make a huge difference on Yankees next year. I was working at TV station when I was in Taiwan. Experience is so important in that industry. It's so difficult to get a job without experience. However, if you have passion and right attitude, you certainly can pick up things very quickly. I believe Joe Girardi and his coach staff will be much better next season.

So, as a Yankees fan, How about Paul O'Neill? First of all, I know Paul O'Neill probably wants to stay at home. Secondly, I know he doesn't have experience. But, his passion and toughneses certainly can make a big difference. Cano probably the one get most benefits out of it.

Updated: Just for record. I don't think Larry Bowa or Willie Randolph will take Meacham's place. I know they are perfect or popular choices, but I don't see that happening. Larry loves Joe Torre and just outspoken for him. It's not a smart move to put a potential manager next to Joe Girardi which certainly creates some distractions.


MJB said...

O'neill...interesting choice! I haven't heard anyone mention his name, but it does sound like it would be a good fit.

Jessica Lee said...

I will love to have Paul O'neill on the coach staff. I believe Girardi will love to have him on his staff as well.