Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The reasons Moose won't retire

Check out this post on Pinstripe Post regard of Moose's status. Great one. At this point, I am not sure who knows what will happen. When you talk about off-season move, you have to consider one may affect the other. That's why it's wasting time to second guess every move Manager or General Manager make, especially when you consider not only this is two-way street but also there are 29 teams out there . Sometimes, when the hearts of players don't want to come, it may be better off not to get them.

As for Pettitte and Moose, I want both to come back for one-year deal. I am sure Pettitte will accept one-year deal from Yankees. I think Moose will want more than one-year deal. However, I will really consider not to bring back Moose if he wants more than one-year deal. Don't forget Moose will be 40-year old when 2009 season begin. If team options will be accepted by Moose, I may do it. Yankees need more experience, proven and inning eater verteran pitchers. Of course, all this bet is off if Moose chooses to retire.

Basically, there is always a huge injury risk involved when signing pitchers. I rather gamble on pitchers who get track record of not getting hurt all the time, handling New York spotlight well and pitching well in AL East. I rather Yankees bring back Moose and Pettitte on short-term deal than signing Burnett, Lowe and Sheets for long-term contracts who either injury-prone or aging. Of course, all this assumption will change if we can't get CC to come to New York.

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